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Millennial Voting Patterns and Trends to Watch

The time of the baby boomers is coming to a close. While many believed that Generation X was the heir apparent, millennial voters have surpassed them in terms of both size and political influence. In light of this, campaign managers and politicians must familiarize themselves with the voting patterns of millennials, as they’re already influencing […]

How Gen Z Shaped Key Elections in 2022: Voting Stats You Need to Know

According to McKinsey, individuals born between 1996 and 2010 are considered members of Generation Z. As the second-youngest generation, situated between Generation Alpha and millennials, only around half of Gen Z can vote. Despite the fact that millions of Gen Zers are still coming into their own, the generation that came of age in the […]

Washington Voter Data Has Everything You Need to Know

Our Voter Lists™ site is full of information, resources and services ready to cater to your campaign’s needs, and Washington voter data is just another update of many to come that will continue to set your campaign apart.

All You Need on Connecticut Voter History is Here!

Connecticut voter history is now available on Voter Lists™. Nearly everything you need to help your campaign attain its goals can be found on our site – no matter what your goals may be! This includes everything from understanding the voters in various regions by any criteria that you choose to organize them by, all the way to […]

New Indiana Voter History is Here for Your Campaign!

Indiana voter history is now available and more accessible than ever. This refreshed data can be added to the list of the other 49 states that Voter Lists data can provide your campaign or cause with.

Updated Delaware Voter List™ is Now Available!

The most recent update of the Delaware Voter List™ has everything you need to know about the 637,000 voters of Delaware.

Ohio Voter List™ is Now Refreshed with New Data

The Ohio Voter List™ have been updated, on Voter Lists™, giving campaigns access to crucial information, which will definitely play a huge role in their victory in a state where voters are always shifting.

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