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To make the most of your campaign, fundraising, and outreach efforts, turn to Aristotle, a leader in compliance, consulting, data, and software solutions for political campaigns and groups. Learn more below, and get in touch today to request a demo or consultation.


From creating smarter tools for politics to providing strategic consulting to PACs and advocacy groups, Aristotle has been a global leader in non-partisan political technology, consulting, data services, and analytics for almost 40 years.


Aristotle Campaign Manager™ is our three-in-one, cloud-based political campaign management software with solutions for compliance, fundraising, and accounting reporting.


Building upon decades of political experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide your PAC with the industry’s premier technology consulting, and compliance services.


Our full range of technological solutions and services support political advocacy and grassroots groups, from program development to implementation and beyond.

Data Services

Considered the industry’s most-trusted source of voter and consumer data, we have serviced many of the largest political campaigns, PACs, corporations, and grassroots organizations nationally and abroad.


A division of Aristotle, Integrity offers a comprehensive suite of advanced identity and age verification products, providing customized solutions for both commercial and government sectors worldwide.


Since 1983, every U.S. president has used Aristotle’s solutions, in addition to countless senatorial and congressional campaigns, Democratic and Republican state party initiatives, and many of the largest PACs and advocacy organizations.

Each segment of our business is comprised of highly trained, seasoned experts in their fields.

We are a non-partisan service provider, providing members of all parties access to the most comprehensive political and voter data available today.

Whether you are a large or small organization or campaign, we provide affordable products and services, customized to meet your long or short-term needs, with no hidden fees.

We offer a robust suite of compliance, technology solutions, data, and consulting tools for campaigns, PACs, and organizations across all industries. 

We offer expert training and 24/7 live support to ensure our clients are ready to make the most of our products and services. We’ll work closely with you to make sure you have everything you need, every step of the way.

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