Customer Testimonials

“As a Chief of Staff, the Campaign Manager Mobile App is a lifesaver!  We’ve been using Aristotle for years, but the newest version of Campaign Manager saves me so much time, I can just open it on my phone to see the dashboard cash on hand, fundraising progress, and calls my candidate needs to make. Having the donor’s history, donor insights, notes from previous calls right on the phone has made our campaign so much more efficient!”

Chief of Staff, U.S. Congressional Campaign

“From a fundraising consultant point of view, I have found Campaign Manager to be user friendly. It allows me and my team to switch easily between clients and the unlimited free training allows staff to quickly learn how to use it, which is essential in the fast-paced environment of a campaign. One of the best new enhancements is the ‘donor insights’ feature which provides donor background information right at your fingertips and has been extremely helpful from a fundraising standpoint.”

Fundraising Consultant

“My overall experience has been wonderful! Anytime I have ever needed assistance or help, immediate response from Aristotle has been given. Their software and customer service are top notch!”

Executive Director, State Party

“Campaign manager is an ideal platform for handling our donor database.”

Executive Director 

“I won’t work without Campaign Manager! I simply will not take a client who won’t use it.”

Treasurer & Compliance Officer

“This software is incredibly easy to use and puts information in a format that is organized and efficient.”

Executive Director, State Party

“Campaign Manager: First choice.”

Vice President of National Campaign Consulting Firm

“It’s all in the details. I’ve used Campaign Manager for over 15 years, so overall, I think it’s one of the best. “

CFO, National Fundraising Firm

“Campaign Manager is wonderful and helps synchronize data in a usable manner for a very fast-paced, complex industry. The ease in which data is centralized for a fast-paced industry with a lot of moving parts!”

General Consultant, National and State Party Focus

“As a Treasurer managing multiple campaigns, the most valuable asset I have is time. The import and de-duplication tools are a huge time saver for me.  Moreover, the data entry sequence layouts are presented in a way that streamlines my data entry in a fast and methodical way.   The import and API tools for contributions is a big component – they save me a tremendous amount of time for data entry and this provides a cost savings to my company and my clients.”

Treasurer, State Party