Who Buys Aristotle Data?

Our data customers typically fall into one of 12 categories. Take a look below.

campaigns & lawmakers

Our data and analysis assists elected officials, candidates and staff target voters and constituents to win their races and serve their community. We’ve had the pleasure of working with campaigns and elections in the U.S. (from local up to presidential) and around the globe.


Consultants use our suite of data services to help their clients target voters through many mediums in digital, email, phone, direct mail and television. Our industry-leading customer service provides consultants the experts they need to be successful.

Pollsters & survey research groups

Many of the most regarded and reliable pollsters and research companies trust our data whether they are pulling phone, online or panel surveys. Our polls are available at the national, state, and local levels.

pacs & super pacs

Our issue-targeted data and verified contact records are used by many PACs and Super PACs to enrich their supporter and donor base.

associations & advocacy groups

We have a wide range of data services for associations and interest groups—data matching and enrichment as well as grassroots consulting to help grow their organization and effectively communicate their message.

data analytics firms

We’re the provider of choice among data analytic firms looking to enhance machine learning models or conduct a “deep dive” for their clients.

non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations work with our Data Services team for assistance with member-voter participation, fundraising, and advocacy.

corporate & financial services

We provide Pay-to-Play Compliance for some of world’s largest financial organizations, assisting with political contribution monitoring and pre-clearance. Our regularly updated donor data is matched to federal, state and local organizations to ensure compliance and all data has contribution date, amount & recipient.

academic organizations

Universities and research institutions across the United States nationwide call on us for quick analysis and reporting. Many researchers routinely tap into our national voter file for large, complex queries.

media organizations

We provide access to our political data to some of media’s top news outlets. These organizations use our data for news stories as well as voter file reporting for political elections and polls.

list brokers/re-sellers

We offer broker and re-seller discounts for your third-party client needs, including direct marketing campaigns via direct mail, email, or telemarketing. Your lists, the way you want them. We can also dedupe against previous files.

digital consultants & agencies

Through our partnership with ALC, we offer unique political, consumer, and custom segments and audiences on all the majors DSPs and Exchanges. Our award-winning data allows our clients to provide their customers with omni-channel marketing whether they need display, mobile, video or social to communicate their message.

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