Make Your Data Do More

Searching for up-to-date registered voter lists, donor files or consumer files? Do you need an email append to your existing membership list? Maybe your data needs to be cleaned, deduped and analyzed. Could you use a hand coordinating and sending out your email campaigns?
When it comes making your data do more, you can count on Aristotle. We’ll provide you with a customized approach, top-notch account management and stellar customer service so you can achieve your goals, faster.
We invite you to browse our list of Data Services below.

Aristotle Data Services (VLO)

Need to download registered voter lists right now? We’ve got you covered with (VLO). Aristotle’s online data repository, VLO contains over 1,000 appended data points and is updated monthly with the National Change of Address (NCOA) and Social Security Administration (SSA) to flag for moved and deceased so you always have the cleanest file possible.

Instantly download data pulled from:

National Voter File 
(235+ million registered voters)

∴ National Consumer File
(259+ million consumer lists)

∴ National Donor File
(190+ million donations)

∴ New Mover File
(39+ million new movers added quarterly)

We append detailed demographic information including, but not limited to: lifestyle information, voter frequency, landline and mobile phone numbers, emails and more!

Using your files for digital marketing? Our data is compatible and ready to use with your digital ads for display, mobile, video and social mediums.

Ready to start targeting your prospects with precision?

Aristotle Data Match

Aristotle MatchIT makes it fast and easy to update lists that are outdated or missing critical data points.

Within minutes you can append or verify: emails, mobile numbers, landlines, mailing addresses, political data, consumer data, and more!

Only pay for the data that matches.

Data Science and analytics

Predictive models: Receive the most granular analysis of potential voters, party affiliation and propensity to give with machine learning models. 

Analytics: Our experts will provide detailed analytics and analysis of your lists, making it easier to make the most informed decisions.

Social Issue Profiles: Elevate your targeting by incorporating lifestyle choices and behaviors from trends and matters.

data technology

National Voter & National Consumer File API
Easily access over 235 million records in our National Voter file and over 259 million records in our National Consumer file. Maintaining over 1000+ data points, the API makes it easy to integrate our data into your software and/or website application and run queries on all available demographic fields.

Verified Voter & Consumer API’s
Instantly confirm if an individual resides in a district, is a registered voter, which party they belong to, append demographic information and append any data point from our Voter and Consumer databases. Verification occurs in real time.

Email Address Append

With our database of 800+ million email addresses nationwide, you can match your lists or create new ones with the most up-to-date email addresses available. We’ll clean what you already have, perform an email append to incorporate new email addresses and help you execute your email campaigns while monitoring and managing your deliverability, open and click-through rates. Our emails are CAN-SPAM compliant and are individually stamped with date, time and opt-in website.


Inaccurate or duplicate data can cost your organization precious time and money. Let us process your data through our complete data hygiene system. Cleaning includes:

∴ Merge and purge of duplicate data

∴ National Change of Address (NCOA) processing

∴ Deceased processing

∴ Email verification

∴ Phone verification

fundraising support

Free up your valuable fundraising time with our National State Donor file of over 190 million donations and over 35 million individual donors.

We can pinpoint donors and help you target by donation amount, recipient and/or donor, political parties, party affiliation and political district.

Reverse demographic appending to our voter and consumer databases provides more political and demographic information about each donor.

Digital Partners

digital solutions

Increase your digital reach with Aristotle’s Premier
Pre-Built Digital Audiences. We paired our industry-leading databases with the ingenuity and success of our digital partners. 

Aristotle’s Digital Audiences are available through LiveRamp or can be pushed to any DSP, DMP or social platform.

U.S. Business Data

Looking to expand your marketing reach or need data for research? Our business database can help you meet your needs.