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Aristotle’s advocacy team understands that each organization has different needs, and that any successful grassroots effort is built on solid relationships. Which is why we make it a top priority to get to know you and your goals, because only then can we create a plan offering you the most innovative, cost-effective, and efficient set of tools to help your advocacy program thrive.

Advocacy Products & Services

Technology Solutions​

Build and grow your online advocacy efforts

Digital solutions include Action Center, our out-of-the-box ready advocacy website, add-on’s like dynamic score cards and carousel messaging to one-click advocacy and fly-in mobile app.

Free Webinars

Learn more about the importance of Positive Pay and PAC check fraud prevention to protect your organization’s PAC or political campaign, why it is needed and how we can help.
Learn best practices for identifying, educating and mobilizing grasstops advocates, including results-driven strategies for implementing these processes into your organization’s broader advocacy initiatives.
Virtual Fundraiser Tool

Has the pandemic affected your fundraising efforts? We’ll show you how to host a virtual fundraiser online using our Virtual Fundraiser interactive tool that will encourage your donors to invest!

Aristotle Arena Mobile Web App

Want to track your lobbying efforts on the go? Aristotle Arena is our new mobile web application which allows you to record interactions with legislators, track bills and votes, and search and find information through your phone or tablet.

Competitive PAC Benchmark Dashboard & Data Analysis

Elevate your fundraising strategy and data analysis capabilities using Aristotle’s 360 Competitive PAC Benchmark Dashboard and Data Enhancement Tools. This webinar will show you how to get up-to-date contributions, obtain voter data to create custom bench-marking reports, and compare your PAC’s performance against competitor and other related PAC’s in your industry.

Lobby Survey Reporting

Spending too much time collecting, sorting and aggregating information provided by lobbyists in the field? Aristotle’s lobbying report allows lobbyists to remotely record their interactions which can easily be searched and reported within the Aristotle 360 system.

Advocacy Services

Advocacy experts with client-specific strategies

Our award-winning grassroots advocacy services have been recognized by PR Week Magazine, PRSA, and the Pollie Awards for their efficacy. We are equipped to manage every aspect of an engagement, from development to implementation and can assist with campaign strategy, voter mobilization, grassroots websites, member and prospect list appending, email campaigns and more.