Comprehensive PAC and Government Relations Solutions​

Building upon decades of political technology experience, Aristotle is uniquely positioned to provide your PAC with the best tools available. If your PAC is looking for a comprehensive government affairs platform, a partner with the ability to file in all 50 states, a federal mobile contribution platform, or the ability a 360 view of your organization from the convenience of your phone Aristotle is here to help.

PAC & Government Relations Products & Services

PAC & Government Relations Technology

Public affairs database and digital lobbying tools

We provide government relations lobbying and engagement tools, robust databases, contribution and PAC management tools, legislative data and contact information, schedule or event management, and mobile accessible technology platforms.

Free Webinars

Learn more about the importance of Positive Pay and PAC check fraud prevention to protect your organization’s PAC or political campaign, why it is needed and how we can help.
Learn best practices for identifying, educating and mobilizing grasstops advocates, including results-driven strategies for implementing these processes into your organization’s broader advocacy initiatives.
Virtual Fundraiser Tool

Has the pandemic affected your fundraising efforts? We’ll show you how to host a virtual fundraiser online using our Virtual Fundraiser interactive tool that will encourage your donors to invest!

Aristotle Arena Mobile Web App
Want to track your lobbying efforts on the go? Aristotle Arena is our new mobile web application which allows you to record interactions with legislators, track bills and votes, and search and find information through your phone or tablet. 
Competitive PAC Benchmark Dashboard & Data Analysis

Elevate your fundraising strategy and data analysis capabilities using Aristotle’s 360 Competitive PAC Benchmark Dashboard and Data Enhancement Tools. This webinar will show you how to get up-to-date contribution, obtain voter data to create custom bench-marking reports, and compare your PAC’s performance against competitor and other related PAC’s in your industry.

Lobby Survey Reporting

Spending too much time collecting, sorting and aggregating information provided by lobbyists in the field? Aristotle’s lobbying report allows lobbyists to remotely record their interactions which can easily be searched and reported within the Aristotle 360 system. 

PAC Services

People, technology, and data powering PACs

Our team of PAC and advocacy experts can help with strategic planning and managing your PAC programs. This includes compliance, communications, branding, expert consulting services, fundraising, Fly-In’s, events, in and outflow funds, and managing your PAC benefits strategy.

PAC Compliance Outsourcing

The most Trusted political compliance team in washington, dc
Aristotle’s political compliance team is lead by former two-term FEC Chairman, the Honorable David M. Mason. Our team of seasoned experts provide organizations with guidance and filing services including:
  • Filing Federal Election Commission and all 50 state reports where required
  • Creating reports for program analysis
  • Importing and entering contributions
  • Filing Federal and all 50 state lobbying reports
  • Issuing and managing checks
  • Monitoring disbursement and contribution compliance
  • Conducting program audits
  • Entering and tracking disbursements