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Mobilizing Citizens to Action: Turning Constituents Into Advocates

From environmental conservation to social justice and from healthcare reform to education equity, citizen advocacy plays a crucial role in driving progress and shaping the future of communities and nations.  But despite that fact, knowing how to get members of the community to take that leap and move from passive to proactive advocacy is often […]

7 Impactful Advocacy Fundraising Event Ideas

You’ve built a strong team of passionate advocates and developed a clear mission statement. In response, you might think that now is the time to get out there and start affecting and inciting meaningful change in your community, But that’s not quite the case. You need to generate revenue to cover your advocacy-related expenses and […]

What You Need to Know About Hosting a Tele-Town Hall

Town halls remain some of the most powerful tools for getting people talking about important issues, driving political engagement, and showcasing where your candidate stands on key topics. However, like many aspects of the American political process, town halls have received a virtual facelift in recent years. Known as tele-town halls, these virtual meetings allow […]

What Can PACs Spend Money On? A Comprehensive Guide

The political action committee (PAC) has become an iconic component of the United States political system. PACs play a huge role in shaping American policies by providing financial support to candidates, parties, and causes.  Whether you are thinking about forming your own PAC or have already done so, it’s vital that you familiarize yourself with […]

8 Tips for Finding the Right Campaign Manager

When you intend to bring in a great new campaign manager to lead you to victory at the polls, it’s important to leverage a strategic, data-driven approach. However, you’ll also need some good instincts, as there’s far more to finding the ideal campaign manager than simply analyzing some numbers on a page.  As you begin […]

Tips for Developing an Advocacy Newsletter

Person holding a poll sheet: what do political consulting firms do?

Whether you’re representing a nonprofit, a grassroots campaign, or a corporate social responsibility initiative, publishing an effective newsletter can serve as a powerful tool and a great means of keeping your audience engaged and garnering support for your advocacy initiative. Approximately 90% of Americans have already signed up for at least one recurring newsletter. Of […]

How to Create an Advocacy Policy Brief

A policy brief is a focused summary that helps an audience understand the policies, mission, vision, and stance of your advocacy group with regard to a particular issue, such as a proposed law on women’s rights or voter registration. The document outlines what your view is, why you hold that belief, and what you think […]

Email Marketing Tips for Campaign Outreach

If you are looking for a cost-effective and impactful way to connect with constituents and prospective voters, email marketing remains one of the most viable and effective tools at your disposal. In 2023, email outperformed SMS and banner ads by 108%, with roughly one-fifth of entities that use email marketing enjoying a return on investment […]

How to Integrate and Onboard Campaign Volunteers

Every year, tens of millions of Americans formally volunteer for a wide array of positions and causes. As recently as 2021, a peak in American volunteerism was reached, with nearly one out of four people (60.7 million people) getting involved.  It’s only natural, in response to such a large turnout, to want to tap into […]

Leveraging Voter Data for Local Political Campaigns

If you want to achieve victory on the local political circuit, you’ll need plenty of high-quality data. With the right type, quality, and volume of information, you can eliminate waste from your campaigning efforts and adopt a more strategic approach to voter mobilization.  With all of that in mind, we invite you to join us […]

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