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Policy in the States: The Rise of State-Led Litigation Against the Federal Government

In today’s polarized political climate, Democrats and Republicans frequently clash in Congress, the executive branch, and the Supreme Court. While the impact of partisan polarization on the federal government is well-documented, its consequences for state governments are often overlooked. One notable trend at the state level is the increasing use of litigation against the federal […]

What Are the Most Important Motivations for Voters?

  Many factors can motivate people to participate in elections. Some of the most common reasons include a desire to have their voices heard, a belief that their vote can make a difference, a sense of civic duty, or a desire to support a particular candidate or party. If people didn’t think their voices mattered, […]

8 Takeaways from the 2022 Midterm Elections

There aren’t many sure bets in American politics, but conventional wisdom tells us that midterm elections usually go very poorly for the president’s political party. However, even in a political climate where shock has become the rule, not the exception, the 2022 midterms somehow managed to flip the script, defying pundits and prognosticators. Here are […]

Key Contact Pillars: Identification

When trying to educate lawmakers on issues important to your organization, nothing matters more than relationships. No, I’m not talking about relationships between lawmakers and your lobbying team. I’m talking about relationships between lawmakers and their constituents. Building an effective grasstops advocacy, or “Key Contact Program,” is one of the most important aspects of your […]

Fly-ins: How to Maximize Legislative Engagement

The Fly-in is a tried-and-true staple of advocacy for organizations across the country. Organizations bring their stakeholders to Washington, D.C. each year to conduct in-person meetings with key Congressional members and staff. A survey conducted by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) found senior Congressional staff overwhelmingly believe that “direct constituent interactions have more influence on […]

Social Media Advocacy: Is it Necessary?

Elected officials love their social media! Whether they are promoting a piece of legislation they recently introduced, posting a photo they took with constituents, or posting memes (yes… they post memes too!) lawmakers stay active on social media. In 2022 alone, federal lawmakers posted on social media more than 909,000 times. With those numbers its […]

How Is Data Mining Useful in Politics?

Data has transformed politics. When leveraged strategically, it has the power to fundamentally change how campaigns, PACs, and public advocacy groups operate. The core challenge is that there is so much data available—both quantitative and qualitative—that it is sometimes difficult to sift through. So, where does one begin? While we can all acknowledge how data […]

How to Reach Persuadable Voters

You may have heard that American elections are about bringing out the “base”—and in many ways, that is true. There is no doubt that successful political campaigns maximize turnout among their supporters. But, at the same time, persuadable voters (or swing voters) matter just as much. Gaining a larger share of swing voters to support […]

How Donor Data Can Boost Your Fundraising

It’s no secret that elections are getting more expensive. At nearly $15 billion, OpenSecrets reports that the 2020 federal election cycle was the most expensive in U.S. history – more than twice as expensive as 2016. So, why does it matter? For political campaigns, political action committees (PACs), and grassroots organizations, the ability to raise […]

The Data Behind an Effective Communications Strategy 

Effective communication is the key to achieving big goals for campaigns, political action committees (PACs), and public advocacy organizations. And the only way to devise the right communications strategy is by knowing how to connect with your target audience. Here, political data can provide the foundation for an effective communications strategy. Read on for an […]

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