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How Colleges and Universities Can Provide Voting Resources

Red brick university building.

Every election cycle, tens of thousands of college students face the same hurdle. They must decide not only how to vote but also where to cast their ballot. Out-of-state students face even more challenges, including a lack of access to polling locations, new voting laws, and other restrictions that can impede them from exercising their […]

7 Highly Effective Trends in Political Campaigning

To orchestrate an effective and impactful campaign, you need a multifaceted strategy that includes several key touch points. The question is, how do you decide when, where, and how to connect with voters? While there is no easy answer to that question, you can guide your campaigning efforts by looking at current political trends that […]

Best Practices for Campaigning on Social Channels in 2023

Social media icons on the home screen of a smart phone.

Cable TV is no longer the most powerful marketing medium for political candidates. While approximately 56% of Americans still watch satellite or cable TV, a staggering 90% of the U.S. population actively uses social media. That translates to about 302 million Americans. There is no question that social media is one of the most effective […]

Lookalike Audiences and Their Impact on Political Campaigns

Empty seats waiting for an audience.

Facebook and its parent company Meta have created a multitude of marketing tools for the world’s most powerful social media platform. With the right strategy in place, your campaign team can transform a Facebook page into a robust voter mobilization channel. While you are probably well-versed in the use of Facebook for political purposes, you […]

How AI Will Shape Future Elections

Person holding post-it note with "A.I." written on it.

The American public harbors mixed feelings about artificial intelligence. In a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, about 18% of participants reported being more excited than concerned about the increased prevalence of AI in their daily lives. However, 37% categorized themselves as more concerned than excited and 45% as equally excited and concerned. Regardless […]

How Accurate Is Election Forecasting?

Election forecast map of US presidential election.

In the months — and sometimes years — leading up to a major election, political scientists across the nation engage in tireless forecasting exercises. The question is, how accurate are all these election forecasting models, and how can that accuracy be improved so political organizations gain valuable insights into voter behavior? In this exploration of […]

The 5 Best Digital Tools & Platforms for Activists

Activists and nonprofit organizations aim to build momentum for their causes and mobilize communities. In order to do that, though, they need access to intuitive, user-friendly digital tools.  While there are hundreds of tools out there designed to support the brand-building efforts of businesses, activists have fewer options at their disposal. That said, there are […]

What Will America Look Like in 2024?

For decades, political and socioeconomic experts alike have been making predictions about the trajectory of America, postulating everything from legislative changes to economic shifts that could have a resounding impact on the future of our nation.  Though making these predictions seems to be a yearly exercise, pundits often focus much of their attention on presidential […]

Set the Stage for Success with the Best Political Campaign Software of 2023

Modern election cycles move at a lightning-fast pace. To keep up, your political team needs access to the latest campaign management software and technology. The question is, which solutions are going to make the biggest impact on team productivity and set your candidate up for success at the polls? When it comes to political campaign […]

The Nexus Between Political Data and Successful Campaigns

Data analytics refers to the process of assessing large amounts of raw information to draw conclusions and make inferences, a scientific methodology that is used by businesses across the globe to guide decision-making processes and help them serve consumers more effectively.  Likewise, political action committees (PACs), candidates running for office, and other participants in American […]

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