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What Is an Independent Expenditure Campaign? An Introductory Guide

An independent expenditure campaign is an intriguing and important component of the political and electoral systems of the United States. Understanding how these campaigns work — and the implications they have on those systems — is critical for any entity involved in the political sphere, including candidates, campaigns, grassroots organizations, and political action committees (PACs), […]

The Critical Role of Voter Data in Get Out The Vote Campaigns

In the 2020 presidential election, 66% of the voting-eligible population cast their ballots, a figure that represents the highest turnout rate for any national election in over a century. With that in mind, as candidates and political parties gear up for the 2024 election cycle, everyone is hoping for an equally awe-inspiring turnout come November, […]

7 Tips to Engage Gen Z Voters

Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) is quickly becoming one of the largest voting demographics in the United States; in fact, in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, 40.8 million Gen Zers will be eligible to cast a ballot, and roughly 8.3 million of them will be participating in a federal election for the […]

Does Phone Banking Still Work? The Answer Isn’t So Clear

In today’s digital-first society, political strategies often revolve around internet-based mediums like websites and social media platforms as integral parts of campaign success. Be that as it may, the rise of these digital channels has not made traditional techniques obsolete; in fact, many campaigning techniques, including phone banking, still have plenty of merit. Therefore, before […]

The Art of Attraction: 3 Ways Campaigns Win Over Voters

Political campaigns throughout the U.S. are pulling out all the stops to mobilize voters and get them to be more involved in the trajectory of the nation.  According to the Pew Research Center, voter turnout reached its highest rate since 1900 with the 2020 presidential election, where two-thirds of eligible Americans cast their ballots. The […]

What Is a Grassroots Campaign? Effecting Change From the Ground Up

If you have the urge to stand up for something you believe in or want to make a real difference in your community by addressing a societal problem, grassroots campaigns represent the catalyst for achieving your mission, and they are a foundational element of American democracy. With that said, below is a comprehensive overview of […]

How to Start and Run a Political Campaign

Everyone speaks about the stresses of running for office, but even starting a campaign can be a tremendous challenge itself. From running for Mayor to President, a political candidate will face several hurdles before they can start reaching constituents and asking for their votes. To make the campaign process easier, we’ll walk through some steps […]

Create an Effective Political Advertising Campaign

Political candidates and parties rely heavily on political advertising to spread their message and appeal to the voters directly or indirectly. A political advertisement can be help campaigns in a number of ways, from helping raise your profile, to helping you raise more money. However, there are a lot of elements of a political campaign, […]

How to Make an Effective Campaign Video

Viewers retain 95 percent of the message from a video message compared to other medium. Making a video can help you run an impactful campaign. Whether you produce these videos as a full commercial video or as short clips on social media, video is a great way to engage your supporters. If you are a […]

Political Advertising on Social Media

Social media has transformed the game of political advertising. Both incumbents and upcoming candidates can now communicate with their constituents about their message and burning issues. Some use social networks such as Twitter to share their daily updates, express their views, or even share what they had for lunch. Not long ago, politicians communicated differently, […]

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