Millennial Voting Patterns and Trends to Watch

The time of the baby boomers is coming to a close. While many believed that Generation X was the heir apparent, millennial voters have surpassed them in terms of both size and political influence. In light of this, campaign managers and politicians must familiarize themselves with the voting patterns of millennials, as they’re already influencing […]

How Gen Z Shaped Key Elections in 2022: Voting Stats You Need to Know

According to McKinsey, individuals born between 1996 and 2010 are considered members of Generation Z. As the second-youngest generation, situated between Generation Alpha and millennials, only around half of Gen Z can vote. Despite the fact that millions of Gen Zers are still coming into their own, the generation that came of age in the […]

What Is a Political Action Committee (PAC)?

Funding campaigns, raising voter awareness about important issues, and generating attention to key pieces of legislation require significant amounts of capital. While candidates can acquire funding from individual donors, doing so can be impractical. Political action committees (PACs) were created to expedite the collection and delivery of funding for legislative initiatives or political campaigns. Understanding […]

5 Impactful Virtual Fundraiser Ideas for Political Candidates

COVID-19 changed everything, including how people give. At the height of the global pandemic, online giving rose by 21%. This uptick in digital donations has set the stage for virtual fundraisers to become a mainstream tool for political action committees and aspiring candidates. As with all new tools, however, there’s a learning curve associated with […]

7 of the Best Political Campaign Event Ideas

Hosting a political campaign event is an excellent way to draw attention to important issues, allow constituents to get to know candidates, and mobilize voters before an important election cycle. However, a finite amount of time and funding is available to arrange such events, meaning campaign managers must be prudent when selecting which strategies to […]

7 of the Best PAC Fundraising Ideas

Forming a political action committee (PAC) is a great way to support your political candidate or get the word out about an important piece of legislation that’s about to hit the ballot. But if you want your PAC to make a real impact on the political landscape, you need to generate revenue. With that in […]

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