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Email Marketing Tips for Political Campaigns

Email is one of the best avenues for reaching people who may vote for or donate to your political campaign. As Mailchimp has found, the open rates associated with political email campaigns are 22.94%, which is higher than the average across various industries. Here are some tips to follow to get the most out of […]

Social Media Best Practices for Political Campaigns

Social media is a powerful way to reach millions of people with the click of a button or a tap on a screen. Today, there are various platforms that allow political campaigns to get their message out, connect with existing and new supporters, and raise money for their cause. But, while social media is simple […]

Political Campaign Organizational Structure Guide

Running for political office can be an exciting endeavor. It can also be very challenging. As the candidate, it is your vision, background and values for which people will be voting. Winning an election takes a clear vision and a detailed plan to get your message out. This can be difficult to do if you […]

Election Canvassing Tips & Tricks

If you want to win a political election, you’ve got to get your message out to voters. Today, there are many high-tech ways of doing so. Even so, going door-to-door and meeting people in person is still one of the most effective ways to communicate your campaign’s message.

Overcome your Fears & Become a Great Speaker

Originally posted on and written by Randall P. Whatley All the great speakers were bad speakers at first. – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1860 You are already a great speaker. You give great presentations every day. Think about how often you successfully communicate your ideas to loved ones, co-workers, or acquaintances. You make a simple […]

FEC Reporting Made Easy (or at least easier), Part I

Filing campaign statements with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) or any government agency can be a nerve racking and mentally exhausting experience. Having to itemize nearly every transaction, complete complicated forms and follow obscure rules make reporting a challenging job.

Campaign 101: Learning From Major Campaigns, Offers Insights Into Running Local Elections

In the same way that high school football players can learn a lot about the game by watching the pros play in the Super Bowl, local political activists should be able to learn a lot about campaigns by watching the players in the presidential race.

Best Practices for your Database System

While some politicos still cling doggedly to their well-loved clipboards and broken pencils, those items deserve a more appropriate interment in the Museum of Campaigns Past. Today, you simply must use a database system. It is the lifeblood of your campaign, the one place (ideally) where you will plan events, track fundraising, catalog volunteers, and manage your budget.

Campaign 2.0: Upgrading your Campaign

Web 2.0 is a term that gets thrown around a lot. It refers to many different aspects of new technology, although it isn’t always clear which pieces of technology are and aren’t Web 2.0. In fact, if you have a conversation with different technology advocates, you’ll probably get competing definitions and applications.

Budgeting Your Campaign The Right Way: Building A Business To Go Out Of Business

The budget is the least glamorous, yet most important part of any campaign. We hear constantly about who’s raised how much but we rarely hear about fundraising’s mirror image – who’s spent how much on what?

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