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For 40 years, Aristotle has been perfecting the science of data and its application to Politics, Consumers and Finance. We provide the data you need to reach your audience and get results. Leveraging our Premiere National Voter, Consumer, and Donor Databases, we have launched Aristotle Digital Audiences, providing a full spectrum of data covering the B2B and B2C markets. Aristotle’s Digital Audience data includes 100% deterministic along with our award-winning machine learning and predictive data modeling segments. This data is ready for use and is now available for activation in the LiveRamp Data Store. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere with any DSP.

Improve Your Digital Targeting

Aristotle’s Digital Audiences pairs access to our databases with the ingenuity and success of our digital partners.
Improve your digital targeting with Aristotle’s Premier National Voter File or any of our pre-built Digital Audiences.

Gain access to over 400 million unique records across Aristotle’s industry-leading databases, including our National Consumer File, National Voter File and National Donor File.

For your convenience, we have pre-defined audiences available—including Aristotle Political, Aristotle Consumer, Aristotle Affluent, Aristotle Auto and Aristotle Holiday—with many segments within each audience.

Are you targeting a more specific market? We can help you create custom segments to better define, reach and engage your ideal audience.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, with 24/7 phone and online support available.

Aristotle Databases

NATIONAL voter file

Comprised of 235+ million registered U.S. voters, this is the industry’s premier voter file, sourced from 4,000+ election boards.

NATIONAL consumer file

Comprised of 259+ million consumer records for individuals 18+, multi-sourced from consumer spending, credit information, title company records, utility records, public record information and 1,000+ demographic and lifestyle characteristics.

national donor file

Comprised of 35 million unique donors and over 190 million donations.

Aristotle Digital Audience Products

People gathered for a political event: how to plan your political event
Aristotle Political

Powered by Aristotle’s Premiere National Voter File, our non-partisan file covers all 50 states and DC and it is updated regularly.

Unique Segments Include: Party Loyalists and Frequent Voters, Candidate supporters, swing voters, influencers, border security/immigration, active military and veterans, Black Lives Matter, Pro Choice/Pro Life, voter participation, early and absentee voters and custom segments available.

Aristotle consumer

Powered by Aristotle’s National Consumer File, our Consumer Audience gives you a 360° view of everyone you want to reach.

Unique Segments Include: All age breakdowns and ranges, all family breakdowns, all purchase breakdowns, education, lifestyle and interests, financial and custom segments available.

Aristotle Affluent

Powered by Aristotle’s National Consumer and Donor File, our Affluent Audience will put you in touch with the most affluent and influential individuals in the U.S.

Unique Segments Include: Donors, high dollar, democrat/republican, religious, veteran, high-end home values, high-end purchases and custom segments available.

Aristotle holiday shopping

Powered by Aristotle’s National Consumer and Donor File, our Holiday Audience contains affluent consumers in the U.S.

Unique Shopping Segments Include: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, graduation, baptism, christening, bat/bar mitzvah, back to school and custom segments available.

Aristotle AUTO

Powered by Aristotle’s National Consumer and Donor File, our Auto Audience is collected and verified, leveraging many proprietary sources and ownership records, including make, model, year, and category, just to name a few.

Unique Shopping Segments Include: Auto Lease Likely to Expire in Next 6 months, Hybrid Vehicle Owners, Crossover SUVs-Domestic, Luxury Vehicle Owners and custom segments available.

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