The Most Trusted Compliance Team in Washington

Aristotle’s PAC Compliance Outsourcing team is led by the Honorable David M. Mason, former Commissioner and two-time Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, a presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed position. Mr. Mason and his team assist campaigns, PACs and political parties in maximizing their effectiveness while complying with federal and state regulatory requirements.

PAC Compliance Outsourcing Services

Federal, State and Local Campaign Finance Reports

We'll handle all of the back office filing so you don't have to

Aristotle has the ability to prepare and submit all reports required by your PAC including the FEC and all related state organizations. These include amendments to previously submitted filings and responses to “Requests for Additional Information” (RFAI) required by the FEC. We will also prepare and submit all reports required by states, counties and municipalities where your PAC is active.

Available Reports:

  • Federal Election Reports
  • File Copies of FEC reports with election authorities in states where the PAC is supporting candidates
  • State PAC filings in 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico
  • Management or statistical reports such as Receipt and Disbursement Recaps or Statistical Participation Reports
  • Federal Income Tax Returns Form 1120-POL

Lobby Report Filing

We can take it from here

Do I need to register? How and when do I file? Can a lobbyist or sales rep buy lunch for a government official? Can lobbyists or contractors make political contributions?  These are just some of the many lobbying questions we get. We’d be happy to help you navigate the complex waters of political lobbying on a contract or as-needed basis. 


  • “Do I need to register?” Depends. Some state require registration for just one call or meeting.
  • “How and when do I file?” Depends. We get regular updates and can take the worry out of wondering by filing for you.
  • “Can a lobbyist or sales rep buy lunch for a government official?” Depends. The answers vary by jurisdiction and your status.
  • “Can lobbyists or contractors make political contributions?” Depends. Several states prohibit contributions by lobbyists, a few prohibit lobbyists from even participation in PAC or corporate contribution decision-making. Some contractor contributor bans extend to all senior corporate executives, board members, and their spouses. Violating the rules can result in a contracting ban.

Corporate Political Contribution Management

PCS & Vetting: We'll help you answer all of the questions

Is it legal for a corporation to contribute in a particular jurisdiction? Are there special rules applicable to state or local government vendors? Does the contribution trigger a reporting obligation? We’ll help you get the answers you need. Custodial account management including print/mail contribution checks also available.

Contributions and Disbursements

Money management made easy

Our contribution management process provides the necessary components to effectively handle contributions received by payroll deduction, check, or credit card, and track progress as well.

Monthly Bank Reconciliation

Hassle-free bookkeeping

Includes reconciling your bank balance to your PAC book balance, and detailing out your list of outstanding checks and deposits in-transit.

Project Management/Customer Support

Dedicated team members on call, 24/7

You’ll receive a dedicated PAC account manager to assist you in setting up your PAC for outsourcing and handling your PAC activities on a day-to-day basis. In addition to your PAC project manager, you will have access to our customer support team comprised of experienced PAC professionals familiar with FEC laws and regulations and filing reports. We are the only provider in the industry that offers customer support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comprehensive PAC Management

Experts you can trust to run things right

Aristotle maintains a rapport with federal and state officials to assure compliance with changes in campaign finance laws, including tracking legislation and contribution limits. We also provide a check approval and review process prior to issuing to candidates or committees. We can also coordinate disbursements between affiliated or connected committees and prepare customized management reports based on your specifications.

Web Access to Client Data

Secure, cloud-based data sharing

This tool is provided through our Aristotle 360 software platform and is provided free of charge for all of our outsourcing clients.