Political Contributions Database

Aristotle offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate political contributions database on the market. Learn more below, and contact us today to request access.

Monitor Contributions for Pay-to-Play Compliance

Many financial organizations seek assistance with Play-to-Play compliance and pre-clearance for their employees. Aristotle provides Pay-to-Play services to many of the largest financial institutions in the country. Our federal, state, and local databases from public records provide organizations with everything needed to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary risk.

Key Features

Aristotle offers political contribution monitoring and pre-clearance with our reliable, continuously updated federal, state and local donor databases.

Match your employees against our donor databases.

Append information from our voter file—like recipient party and party affiliation of the individual, telephone numbers, email addresses, and more valuable demographic information.

We can provide comprehensive reports detailing each match, custom-tailored to meet your unique needs.

We provide frequent updates based on your needs so that your organization is in full compliance with SEC rules and regulations. This can help you to avoid large fines due to non-compliance.

Types of Data
  • Contribution amount and date
  • Contribution history
  • Contribution party affiliation
  • Recipient
  • Employer and Occupation
  • Telephone numbers and E-Mail Address
  • ZIP+four and carrier routes
  • Political districts
  • And more

Aristotle Databases


Aristotle’s National State Donor file provides unrivaled accuracy for reaching a targeted audience. It’s the most comprehensive database of donors, comprised of over 190+ million donations and 35 million unique donors. The information contained in our state political contributions database is sourced from state financial disclosure reports for state and local campaigns, committees and PACs where they are required to file for that particular state.


In addition to our state donor database, we also collect the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Database. The database is comprised of contributions to congressional and presidential campaigns and committees. It also has donations to PACs and other committees. We receive daily feeds from the FEC and have an historic database going back years.

A Commitment to Data Quality

Aristotle’s commitment to providing a premier contributions database starts and ends with data quality:

  • Frequent Updates. Aristotle produces an updated state donor file quarterly, and updates can be as frequent as daily for FEC Data.
  • Standardization. Each month, we standardize all database addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Quality Control. We run strict quality control measures to ensure accuracy. For instance, in the National State Donor File, we run a series of hygiene processes to standardize names and addresses, flag for moved and deceased voters through the postal service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) and Social Security Administration (SSA) file, and more.
  • Unique IDs. We create unique contribution IDs for individuals and unique IDs for each state donation record.
  • Data Security. Data security and client confidentiality are of the upmost importance at Aristotle. Typically, our clients upload their data through our secure FTP server (SFTP), and files can be encrypted prior to sending. Additionally, we filter all traffic to/from our networks, with restricted and logged internet access.

Request Database Access

If you’d like to learn more about our Pay-to-Play Compliance Services or our political contributions database, please contact our team today.