Aristotle Donor Insight

Political Donor Database Analysis

How much money are you leaving on the table? An innovative political donor database analysis tool, Aristotle Donor Insight allows you to pinpoint exactly how much more your donors will give you. Gain instant access to actionable donor data, so you can save time and increase your revenue from donors.

Get a FREE analysis of your donors and a FREE trial of Campaign Manager software.

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Your donor analysis is free and there’s absolutely no obligation. 

We will download your historic committee data from the FEC or state authority and load and enhance your data with non-FEC data sources.

How Does It Work?

STEP 1: Collect Data

Donor Insight instantly harnesses millions of public records to data mine every donor who has ever given to you.

STEP 2: Analyze Data

Our algorithms scan millions of other records to analyze what your donors have given to similar causes and candidates.

Step 3: Generate Report

Donor Insight generates a report detailing exactly how much more your donors will give if asked for the right amount!

Unlock Donor Potential

Donor Insight offers a revolutionary way to identify untapped giving potential with your current donors! Simply select your committee and run a report that can help you identify and target donors who are more likely to give—and more likely to give more.  

Pull an instant report to gain valuable insight into your donor base. Aristotle Donor Insight helps you save time while improving your campaign fundraising strategies with actionable information.

See how much your donors gave to other campaigns, so you can identify who may be more likely to give to your campaign.

Get information on your donors and potential donors that will allow you to send personalized messages, like their birthdates and names of spouses.

One-click fundraising call sheets save time and eliminate the hassle of compiling data.

Enhance Message Targeting

Personalized messaging can make all the difference when it comes to winning donations from key donors. To get your messaging right, accurate data is essential. Donor Insight offers access to a comprehensive political donor database so you can get all the data you need to craft highly targeted, personalized messaging:

How old are your donors? Are they near retirement? Do they have kids? Are they married? Do they have a birthday coming up?

What issues do your donors stand behind? What campaigns have they donated to in the past?

What donation levels have your donors or prospects contributed in the past to your campaign and other campaigns? What levels will they be most likely to contribute if asked?


Improve your fundraiser messaging, digital marketing targeting, and email campaigns with Aristotle Donor Insight. Contact us to request your free donor analysis today!

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