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Match your data against Aristotle’s dynamic MatchIT database to uncover valuable details about your existing and potential supporters and donors.

During the match process, we will clean and standardize your files, append email addresses, phones, postal addresses, political districts, consumer and voter demographics, and much more.

Increase the value of your data by harnessing the combined power of your database and ours.

Matches Include:

Voter, Consumer, and Donor Data
NEW 2022 Political Districts
Mobile & Landline Phones and Email Addresses
Party Affiliation & Vote History
Postal Appends
And More!
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Aristotle Databases

NATIONAL voter file

Comprised of 235+ million registered U.S. voters, this is the industry’s premier voter file, sourced from 4,000+ election boards.

NATIONAL consumer file

Comprised of 259+ million consumer records for individuals 18+, multi-sourced from consumer spending, credit information, title company records, utility records, public record information, and 1,000+ demographic and lifestyle characteristics.

national donor file

Comprised of 35 million unique donors and over 190 million donations.

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