What Is a PAC Solicitation Letter?

Solicitation letters are the primary fundraising tool of political action committees (PACs). When exploring fundraising strategies to back an important cause, it’s vital that you understand how solicitation letters work and what they can be used for.  What Is a PAC? A political action committee is a group formed to pool member contributions and donate […]

7 Tips to Engage Gen Z Voters

Gen Z (those born between 1997 and 2012) is quickly becoming one of the largest voting demographics in the United States; in fact, in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, 40.8 million Gen Zers will be eligible to cast a ballot, and roughly 8.3 million of them will be participating in a federal election for the […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Winning Awareness Campaign

Before you can spur your constituents to action, you need to generate adequate awareness about social issues and candidates, but optimizing awareness can be more difficult than you might expect, especially in the current climate; according to a 2022 study, 70% of Americans are overconfident about their political knowledge and awareness.  Cutting through the noise […]

Navigating the World of Political Action Committees: 7 Types of PACs

Just about everyone who’s involved in the world of politics has heard of a political action committee (PAC). It’s also well-known that PACs are involved with political fundraising and donating money to specific candidates or causes. However, there are numerous types and sizes of PACs, which is where things get a bit muddy. Some broad […]

Does Phone Banking Still Work? The Answer Isn’t So Clear

In today’s digital-first society, political strategies often revolve around internet-based mediums like websites and social media platforms as integral parts of campaign success. Be that as it may, the rise of these digital channels has not made traditional techniques obsolete; in fact, many campaigning techniques, including phone banking, still have plenty of merit. Therefore, before […]

Leveraging Voter Data for Effective Outreach

The political landscape is changing fast! During the 2024 election cycle, millennials and Gen Z voters will make up roughly half of voters. Within 10 years, these two generations will comprise over 50% of constituents.  If you want to stay ahead of this change curve and achieve your political goals this campaigning season, you’ll need […]

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