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Can Anyone Start a PAC?

Political action committees (PACs) are a staple of the American political system. They play a significant role in supporting candidates, influencing legislative agendas, and swaying public opinion on critical issues.  The question, however, is whether anyone can start a PAC. The easy answer is “Yes,” but there are some nuances that you’ll have to navigate […]

What Is an Independent Expenditure Campaign? An Introductory Guide

An independent expenditure campaign is an intriguing and important component of the political and electoral systems of the United States. Understanding how these campaigns work — and the implications they have on those systems — is critical for any entity involved in the political sphere, including candidates, campaigns, grassroots organizations, and political action committees (PACs), […]

Understanding Nonconnected PACs: A Comprehensive Guide

Political action committees (PACs) play a pivotal role in the United States political arena by collecting and distributing funds to influence electoral outcomes. Traditionally, PACs are “connected” to (read: affiliated with) a political party, corporation, or union sponsor, but nonconnected PACs are different, as they operate independently of a union or corporate sponsor. Below is […]

What Is a PAC Solicitation Letter?

Solicitation letters are the primary fundraising tool of political action committees (PACs). When exploring fundraising strategies to back an important cause, it’s vital that you understand how solicitation letters work and what they can be used for.  What Is a PAC? A political action committee is a group formed to pool member contributions and donate […]

Navigating the World of Political Action Committees: 7 Types of PACs

Just about everyone who’s involved in the world of politics has heard of a political action committee (PAC). It’s also well-known that PACs are involved with political fundraising and donating money to specific candidates or causes. However, there are numerous types and sizes of PACs, which is where things get a bit muddy. Some broad […]

How Do PACs Raise Money?

Bonafide staples of the American political landscape, political action committees (PACs) raise funds to support candidates, legislation, and political causes. An important question, however, lies in understanding how PACs raise money, and the answer is crucial for anyone interested in politics, campaign finance, or the democratic process. With that in mind, we invite you to […]

Association PACs vs. Corporate PACs — Which Gives More?

You’re probably aware of the significant role political action committees (PACs) play in the American political landscape, but have you ever wondered how they compare in terms of giving? We’ll explore the nuances of these two major players in political financing, giving you a clearer picture of their impacts.  Defining Political Action Committees Political action […]

Presidential Election Years: The Catalyst for PAC Growth

Political action committees (PACs) and their “big brothers,” Super PACs, are valuable aspects of the American democratic process. From donating funds to political candidates to drawing attention to important pieces of legislation, PACs fulfill a wide range of functions in the political ecosystem, and over the years, they have evolved tremendously. That growth has largely […]

How to Start a PAC

Associations, corporations, and labor unions have Political Action Committees (PACs) because by law, they are prohibited from contributing directly to candidates. PACs are managed by an organization’s employees or members as a beneficial, collective voice for achieving its policy initiatives. Here’s everything you need to know about starting a PAC in 2021. With decades of […]

Pay-to-Play Rules & Compliance Best Practices

Organizations must always comply with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s pay-to-play rules. The Investment Advisers Act of 1940, specifically Rule 206(4)-5, dictates the rules and regulations for political contributions, as well as what needs to be done to comply. It’s extremely important for all firms to comply with these strict rules because the penalties […]

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