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Association PACs vs. Corporate PACs — Which Gives More?

You’re probably aware of the significant role political action committees (PACs) play in the American political landscape, but have you ever wondered how they compare in terms of giving? We’ll explore the nuances of these two major players in political financing, giving you a clearer picture of their impacts.  Defining Political Action Committees Political action […]

Political Fundraising Email Tips

Raising money for a political campaign through email is inherently challenging.  It can be difficult to get people to even read email messages, let alone click through to provide you with a donation.  Every politician should understand that email conversion rates are low.  However, an email blast requesting financial support does not have to be […]

Policy in the States: The Rise of State-Led Litigation Against the Federal Government

In today’s polarized political climate, Democrats and Republicans frequently clash in Congress, the executive branch, and the Supreme Court. While the impact of partisan polarization on the federal government is well-documented, its consequences for state governments are often overlooked. One notable trend at the state level is the increasing use of litigation against the federal […]

What Are the Most Important Motivations for Voters?

  Many factors can motivate people to participate in elections. Some of the most common reasons include a desire to have their voices heard, a belief that their vote can make a difference, a sense of civic duty, or a desire to support a particular candidate or party. If people didn’t think their voices mattered, […]

Political Marketing Strategies

With mid-term elections approaching in November, political campaigns and candidates are searching for new and effective ways to communicate with their constituents. A candidate or party’s reputation can significantly impact the election’s outcome, and a well-thought-out political marketing strategy can help a candidate gain votes and achieve their goal.

Redistricting in Every State

Congressional redistricting continues ahead of the 2022 midterms, and the maps that have been completed provide insight into how electoral races might shape up in the months and years ahead.  Let’s take a quick look at how redistricting is going and the impact it is likely to have on the balance of power across the […]

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