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Mobilizing Citizens to Action: Turning Constituents Into Advocates

From environmental conservation to social justice and from healthcare reform to education equity, citizen advocacy plays a crucial role in driving progress and shaping the future of communities and nations.  But despite that fact, knowing how to get members of the community to take that leap and move from passive to proactive advocacy is often […]

7 Effective Ways to Expand Your Grassroots Network

Grassroots movements thrive on community engagement and collective action, and whether you’re advocating for social change, environmental protection, or political reform, expanding your network can propel you toward your goals.  That said, a successful movement is not just about numbers; it’s about fostering a community of engaged, passionate individuals committed to your cause. With that […]

Unleash the Power of the People: 5 Steps to Building a Grassroots Campaign

The beauty of a grassroots campaign lies in its ability to empower individuals and communities to make a tangible impact, bringing them together to champion a cause, influence change, or support a candidate they believe in.  Grassroots campaigns are a genuine embodiment of democracy in action, and below, we’ll outline five essential steps through which […]

What Is a Grassroots Campaign? Effecting Change From the Ground Up

If you have the urge to stand up for something you believe in or want to make a real difference in your community by addressing a societal problem, grassroots campaigns represent the catalyst for achieving your mission, and they are a foundational element of American democracy. With that said, below is a comprehensive overview of […]

Election Canvassing Tips & Tricks

If you want to win a political election, you’ve got to get your message out to voters. Today, there are many high-tech ways of doing so. Even so, going door-to-door and meeting people in person is still one of the most effective ways to communicate your campaign’s message.

Data for Grassroots & Advocacy Groups

Grassroots and advocacy groups fulfill one of the most important civil responsibilities. With modern technology, even a relatively small grassroots organization can have a huge impact. That is not to say that grassroots organizing or public advocacy is easy. Quite the contrary, all advocacy groups need to have the right strategy in place. Knowing how […]

Surviving the Advocacy Conference: How Not to Become Overwhelmed by So Many Great Ideas

                            I admit it, I didn’t attend the Advocacy Conference (then the Grassroots Conference) until 2012. At the time, the conference was always around the time of my employer’s annual fly-in and the calendar never lined up. When AIA moved their fly-in […]

“Who Are You? Who Who… Who Who… ‘Cause I Really Want to Know.”

If you’re like me, this classic song by The Who just popped into your head and, thanks to a Pavlovian response, you suddenly want to binge-watch CSI reruns. Professionally, it’s an age-old question; one that PAC and Grassroots Managers constantly ask themselves. However, the answer they come up with may be based off a set […]

Grassroots, A Reason Not to Quit Politics

Those of you who know me are aware that I draw a lot of my life lessons from classic movies. Whenever people can’t get along, I invoke ‘The Parent Trap’ rule. Those who have seen the movie will remember when the Hayley Mills (or if you were born after 1985, Lindsey Lohan) characters couldn’t get […]

Generation X: Are we really a bunch of slackers?

At the recent National PAC Conference, I gave a presentation on ways to get younger people involved in public affairs generally and in PACs specifically.

As always, I wound up learning just as much from people in the audience as I hope they did from me.

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