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Tips for Developing an Advocacy Newsletter

Whether you’re representing a nonprofit, a grassroots campaign, or a corporate social responsibility initiative, publishing an effective newsletter can serve as a powerful tool and a great means of keeping your audience engaged and garnering support for your advocacy initiative. Approximately 90% of Americans have already signed up for at least one recurring newsletter. Of […]

How to Create an Advocacy Policy Brief

A policy brief is a focused summary that helps an audience understand the policies, mission, vision, and stance of your advocacy group with regard to a particular issue, such as a proposed law on women’s rights or voter registration. The document outlines what your view is, why you hold that belief, and what you think […]

How to Integrate and Onboard Campaign Volunteers

Every year, tens of millions of Americans formally volunteer for a wide array of positions and causes. As recently as 2021, a peak in American volunteerism was reached, with nearly one out of four people (60.7 million people) getting involved.  It’s only natural, in response to such a large turnout, to want to tap into […]

Preventing Advocacy Burnout: 7 Tips and Best Practices

Working hard to support a political or social cause you are passionate about can be incredibly rewarding, but at the same time, the daily grind of advocacy can also lead to burnout on your part and that of your volunteer team. With that said, you must be aware of the signs of burnout and proactively […]

7 Texting Strategies for Advocacy Outreach

As an advocate, searching for a way to conduct outreach that is both cost-effective and impactful can be tricky, but before you print thousands of mailers or start making cold calls, take a step back and consider a method like texting.  Indeed, sending a text is a quick, non-intrusive way to conduct advocacy outreach, and […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Winning Awareness Campaign

Before you can spur your constituents to action, you need to generate adequate awareness about social issues and candidates, but optimizing awareness can be more difficult than you might expect, especially in the current climate; according to a 2022 study, 70% of Americans are overconfident about their political knowledge and awareness.  Cutting through the noise […]

Advocacy vs. Activism: Differences, Similarities, and Nuances

In the realm of social change, the terms “advocacy” and “activism” are often used interchangeably, but in actuality, they represent distinct approaches to achieving societal goals. With that said, we’ll unpack the differences, similarities, and nuances between advocacy and activism below. What Is Advocacy? As defined by Merriam-Webster, advocacy is the “act or process of […]

7 Effective Ways to Expand Your Grassroots Network

Grassroots movements thrive on community engagement and collective action, and whether you’re advocating for social change, environmental protection, or political reform, expanding your network can propel you toward your goals.  That said, a successful movement is not just about numbers; it’s about fostering a community of engaged, passionate individuals committed to your cause. With that […]

7 Strategies for Keeping Volunteer Advocates Engaged

Volunteer advocates are the backbone of many non-profit organizations, grassroots campaigns, and social movements. In fact, there are over 10,000 active volunteers in the United States.  Building a network of passionate volunteer advocates can propel your organization toward its goals and help you effect real change in your community, but acquiring volunteers is only the […]

Unleash the Power of the People: 5 Steps to Building a Grassroots Campaign

The beauty of a grassroots campaign lies in its ability to empower individuals and communities to make a tangible impact, bringing them together to champion a cause, influence change, or support a candidate they believe in.  Grassroots campaigns are a genuine embodiment of democracy in action, and below, we’ll outline five essential steps through which […]

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