Tips for Developing an Advocacy Newsletter

Whether you’re representing a nonprofit, a grassroots campaign, or a corporate social responsibility initiative, publishing an effective newsletter can serve as a powerful tool and a great means of keeping your audience engaged and garnering support for your advocacy initiative. Approximately 90% of Americans have already signed up for at least one recurring newsletter. Of […]

How to Create an Advocacy Policy Brief

A policy brief is a focused summary that helps an audience understand the policies, mission, vision, and stance of your advocacy group with regard to a particular issue, such as a proposed law on women’s rights or voter registration. The document outlines what your view is, why you hold that belief, and what you think […]

Email Marketing Tips for Campaign Outreach

If you are looking for a cost-effective and impactful way to connect with constituents and prospective voters, email marketing remains one of the most viable and effective tools at your disposal. In 2023, email outperformed SMS and banner ads by 108%, with roughly one-fifth of entities that use email marketing enjoying a return on investment […]

How to Integrate and Onboard Campaign Volunteers

Every year, tens of millions of Americans formally volunteer for a wide array of positions and causes. As recently as 2021, a peak in American volunteerism was reached, with nearly one out of four people (60.7 million people) getting involved.  It’s only natural, in response to such a large turnout, to want to tap into […]

Leveraging Voter Data for Local Political Campaigns

If you want to achieve victory on the local political circuit, you’ll need plenty of high-quality data. With the right type, quality, and volume of information, you can eliminate waste from your campaigning efforts and adopt a more strategic approach to voter mobilization.  With all of that in mind, we invite you to join us […]

Can Anyone Start a PAC?

Political action committees (PACs) are a staple of the American political system. They play a significant role in supporting candidates, influencing legislative agendas, and swaying public opinion on critical issues.  The question, however, is whether anyone can start a PAC. The easy answer is “Yes,” but there are some nuances that you’ll have to navigate […]

What Is an Independent Expenditure Campaign? An Introductory Guide

An independent expenditure campaign is an intriguing and important component of the political and electoral systems of the United States. Understanding how these campaigns work — and the implications they have on those systems — is critical for any entity involved in the political sphere, including candidates, campaigns, grassroots organizations, and political action committees (PACs), […]

Preventing Advocacy Burnout: 7 Tips and Best Practices

Working hard to support a political or social cause you are passionate about can be incredibly rewarding, but at the same time, the daily grind of advocacy can also lead to burnout on your part and that of your volunteer team. With that said, you must be aware of the signs of burnout and proactively […]

7 Texting Strategies for Advocacy Outreach

As an advocate, searching for a way to conduct outreach that is both cost-effective and impactful can be tricky, but before you print thousands of mailers or start making cold calls, take a step back and consider a method like texting.  Indeed, sending a text is a quick, non-intrusive way to conduct advocacy outreach, and […]

The Critical Role of Voter Data in Get Out The Vote Campaigns

In the 2020 presidential election, 66% of the voting-eligible population cast their ballots, a figure that represents the highest turnout rate for any national election in over a century. With that in mind, as candidates and political parties gear up for the 2024 election cycle, everyone is hoping for an equally awe-inspiring turnout come November, […]

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