7 Overlooked Pointers for a Campaign Manager

Expand Your Network

Managing a political campaign is much easier with a team of supporters at your service.  Meet with potential volunteers, donors, and staffers at networking events and meetings in your local community.  Expand your social and professional network to include as many like-minded people as possible. You’ll have an army of people ready to contribute to the campaign, whether that is through financial contributions, or by donating their time to help the campaign.

Recognize the Importance of Media Interactions

The alliances you form with local media members have the potential to make or break your campaign.  Seize the opportunity to engage with members of the local, regional, and national media.  Use these interactions to communicate your vision and ingratiate yourself with the gatekeepers of public communication.

A positive relationship with the media will heighten coverage of your campaign, ultimately helping you connect with as many voters as possible.  Be sure to respond to media inquiries in a timely manner to guarantee those reporters and writers have ample time to shine the spotlight on your campaign.

Assemble the Campaign Staff and Delegate Work

You can’t do it all yourself.  Hire qualified campaign staffers and let them lift some of the heavy weight off your shoulders.  Once you create a team, you’ll be able to delegate work to other staff so you can focus on the campaign strategy.

You’ll be able to rest assured that all financial and accounting duties are handled the by the treasurer. Budgeting and funding will be handled by the finance director, or fundraising director.  As the campaign manager you’re like the CEO of a company and it’s your duty to oversee the campaign’s operations and help the candidate stay organized and on task. Let an experienced team take on some work.

Pay Close Attention to Rules and Laws

It’s crucial that you stay aware of the laws and regulations for campaign financing.  Even a minor violation can cause problems and embarrassment for the campaign.  This could be something as seemingly innocent as using a governmental building in your campaign’s TV commercials.

The assistance of an attorney, especially one that specializes in campaign finance laws and public policy, will help you keep your campaign within the confines of the law.  An attorney’s guidance will help with everything from strategizing your marketing effort to ballot access, communication, and campaign finance regulations.  Lean on your campaign’s attorney for guidance and listen to their legal advice. This can be invaluable and set the stage for remaining compliant with the law as you work to win the election.

Work to Understand Voter Pain Points

Above all, don’t lose sight of what the voters desire in a candidate.  You want to align the candidate’s views and policies with those of the constituency.  Pivot and alter the subtleties of policies, slogans, and campaigning marketing materials with your target voters in mind.  This will help you make a larger impression and help make a stronger connection with voters.

Pay Attention to the Details and Numbers

As is often said, the devil is in the details.  In particular, there is the potential for self-sabotage when managing campaign funds.  If you are too busy to oversee the campaign’s finances, appoint a treasurer to embrace this important fiscal responsibility.

The subtleties of campaign financing are especially important in the context of fundraising.  Every donation, be it a check or cash, should be deposited in the campaign’s dedicated bank account.

The campaign will rack up expenses in the months leading up to Election Day.  Do not let debts hang ominously overhead throughout the campaign.  Use a bank debit card that is strictly applicable to the campaign to pay those expenses right away, and you’ll avoid incurring campaign debts that linger all the way to Election Day or beyond.  You can also create a PayPal account exclusively for the campaign to pay for web-based expenses related to the election effort.

Gather Information and React Accordingly

The campaign strategy you develop at the beginning of the campaign might not be the same one you use in the home stretch.  Flexibility and adaptability is essential to winning political office.  Embrace the potential for a strategic change mid-race, pivot as necessary based on data analysis, and you’ll greatly increase your chances of winning.

Instead of viewing the need for strategic adjustments as a setback, view it as an opportunity to improve your campaign and get that much closer to your end goal.  Consult with market researchers and data analysts to evaluate your campaign’s shortcomings, as well as its strengths. You’ll gain the insight necessary to make the appropriate alterations as the race takes shape.

Use Aristotle Campaign Solutions

If you are planning on managing a political campaign or running for office yourself, lean on Aristotle for guidance in your quest for election.  Our consulting and software solutions have helped politicians and campaign managers win countless races.

Take full advantage of our cloud-based Campaign Manager software and you’ll have the database solution necessary for fundraising, accounting, and full compliance.  Reach out to us today to find out more about how our high-tech solutions will empower you to launch and manage a winning campaign.

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