PAC Pointers 101

How do you approve your check requests? 

Aristotle offers a better way to manage corporate and PAC contribution reviews. With Aristotle Political Contributions System (PCS), users can request, approve, track, budget and search disbursement requests for PACs and direct corporate political contributions. Built with a focus on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance standards, users in Aristotle PCS have defined roles to ensure separation of requestor, approver and administrator duties. PCS provides a secure and auditable process for the vetting, approving, and issuing of political contributions.

Administrators in Aristotle PCS can create multiple workflows for separate budgets, states, regions or contribution types. Users can upload documents such as legal memos and fundraising invitations to a batch or individual check requests. As check requests advance through a workflow, the different request statuses are completely transparent and searchable for users at all stages. Aristotle PCS users will receive automated emails whenever a check is submitted for their approval or a daily update of all requests pending in their queue at the end of each day. Also, Aristotle PCS can integrate with your Aristotle 360 database and accounting systems.

Whether you need check approvals for Federal PACs, State PACs, corporate contributions or all of the above, Aristotle PCS will centralize and streamline this sometimes tedious process all while providing a clear approval audit trail. Aristotle PCS is currently used by large corporate and financial institutions issuing thousands of checks annually. If you need one approval or 10, Aristotle PCS will manage, organize and streamline your political giving for the next election cycle.

If you have any questions, would like further information or would like to see a product demo, please email [email protected] or call (202) 543-8345 x1234.

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