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The 11 Most Interesting Senate Races of 2014

From The New York Times’ blog The Upshot we find ourselves with some pretty cool tools to help us forecast next Tuesday’s election. Specifically, we are talking about 11 Senate races modeled by 7 different prediction modules and then layered on top of each other in a comparison table of forecasts. Are any models close […]

Why Partyism Is Wrong

Partyism has overtaken racism according to David Brooks’ op-ed piece in The New York Times. Cited as part of Brook’s argument was a recent study by political scientists Shanto Iyengar and Sean Westwood that show just that: “… 1,000 people student résumés and asked them which students should get scholarships. The résumés had some racial cues […]

What is Democracy?

Aristotle: Empowering democracy one campaign at a time As campaigns and the American public prepare for another election season, it’s necessary to remind ourselves that every campaign, every vote and every point of view deserves the same opportunity to voice their political perspective. The gift of democracy should not be taken for granted nor should […]

Focus On, Hot Tips: Standardize Addresses

What does address standardization do? Address standardization does a few different things: it checks against the USPS to for validity, fills in the county and congressional district on a record, completes the +4 of the zip code, homogenizes the addresses to use the same capitalization, extends abbreviations, and adds the appropriate USPS recommended spacing.

Focus On: Letter Templates

Welcome to our Focus On series in which we will be speaking on letter templates and will show you a few overlooked features!

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