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How to Increase Youth Participation in Politics

The data is clear: Young people are less likely to participate in politics. Voters between 18 and 29 are also less likely to donate to political campaigns than older people. Yet, youth participation in politics matters, and it is something that everyone should care about. Young people are, undeniably, the future of our country. For […]

How to Increase Voter Turnout in a Tight Race

As election day inches closer, every strategic decision by your campaign takes on outsized importance. The pressure to increase voter turnout can be overwhelming due to limited time, money, and energy. Any political professional knows that the side that turns out their voters has an enormous advantage in a tight race. Identifying the voter turnout […]

Election Canvassing & What You Need to Know

While modern political campaigns have turned to digital methods like digital targeting to engage constituents and win votes, the more traditional methods of political organizing continue to work. Election canvassing—going door to door to connect with voters—is one of the more traditional methods that still proves to be highly effective. Read on for an overview […]

When to Start Campaigning for an Election

Does it feel like elections take a long time? It’s probably because they do. National Public Radio (NPR) explains that the structure of our electoral system means that campaigns last longer than they do in most other countries. This raises an important question: When should a candidate start campaigning for an election? The short answer: […]

What Is the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?

When you complete your federal income tax return, you will see a question that asks you whether you are willing to contribute $3.00 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. This voluntary contribution provides for the public funding of presidential election campaigns in the United States. In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide to […]

What Is a Super PAC?

Campaign planning sheet with a marker and American flag on a table: Your Guide to Super PACs

In recent years, Super PACs have risen to prominence in American politics. Though, there is still a lot of confusion about what they are and how they operate. In this article, you will find a guide to Super PACs—including what they are, how they rose to prominence, and the regulations that apply to them. At […]

How to Target Small Donors Effectively

Person holding credit card at computer: how to target small donors effectively

It’s fair to say that one is not going to get very far in politics without an understanding that effective fundraising is essential. You cannot achieve big things in politics without adequate fundraising—whether it is winning an election campaign, getting a ballot measure approved, or advocating for an important issue. And if you’ve been keeping […]

What Is Data Governance and Why Does it Matter?

Sheet of paper on table showing a variety of data: what is data governance?

Big data has changed elections, public affairs, and U.S. government policies. Unfortunately, those who fall behind on data are unlikely to advance their objectives. For political campaigns and public advocacy groups, the collection, management, and use of data are essential. It makes the difference between achieving a goal—such as winning a campaign—and getting bogged down […]

How to Plan Your Political Event

People gathered for a political event: how to plan your political event

Although a greater share of political organizing and political activity is happening in digital spaces, nothing compares to an in-person political event. These events remain one of the most effective ways for candidates and advocacy groups to get their message out there through building personal connections. In this article, you will find an overview of […]

6 Ways to Fight Donor Fatigue

Person holding their wallet: how to fight donor fatigue

The 2020 general election was the most expensive in history. If this teaches us anything, it’s that fundraising matters in politics. Campaigns that struggle to raise funds will always fall behind. With that said, it’s important to acknowledge one of the most common struggles when it comes to raising funds: donor fatigue, a phenomenon whereby people […]

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