Washington Voter Data Has Everything You Need to Know

Washington Voter Data

Our Voter Lists™ site is full of information, resources and services ready to cater to your campaign’s needs, and our new Washington voter data is just another update of many to come that will continue to give your campaign the extra push forward it may need!

We have everything from the basics of inferred political party breakdown:

  • 18.38% Inferred Republicans
  • 17.05% Inferred Democrats
  • 64.57% Inferred Others

To voter specific data on their over four million voters. For example, our data shows how 30.2% of the state’s voters voted in the most recent presidential primary. Of these voters, 39.5% have a propensity score greater than 70% for primary elections.

This is only the beginning of not only the great data, but the campaign support you will receive from Aristotle. Contact your local representative today to learn more about all that we have to offer, and even a free trial!

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