Updated Delaware Voter List™ is Now Available!

Delaware Voter List™

The most recent update of the Delaware Voter List™ has everything you need to know about the 637,000 voters of Delaware.

Everything from registered voter party affiliations:

  • Registered Republicans: 28.32%
  • Registered Democrats: 47.31%

To their trends in technology use, for example only 22% have an email, but nearly 60% have a phone. This and much more is available in our lists, and can be used for any campaign or cause, big or small.

We offer you the tools and programs to take all of the incredible information even one step further, and configure it specifically to your cause so that you can gain the maximum amount of value from the lists we offer.

The sooner you contact your Aristotle representative the sooner you can be moving your campaign closer to your goals!

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