Utah Voter List™ Now Updated and Available

Utah Voter List™

The Utah Voter List™ has been updated with new data on their 1.3 million voters. In a state where nearly 60% own a cellphone and 22% have an email, building accurate voter profiles is incredibly important in order to get your campaigns desired results.

Our data includes factors as simple as the fact that 16% of their voters have permanent absentee status, however this information is what can set your campaign apart, and bring you closer to success.

In terms of political party registration, they break down is as follows:

  • 46.91% Registered Republicans
  • 10.76% Registered Democrats
  • 42.33% Registered Others

With our data and services, not only do you receive the best and most reliable information out there, but you also get our great 24/7 customer support.

Contact your Aristotle representative today and learn how to more effectively reach your voters.

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