The Latest Nebraska Voter Data is Now Accessible!

Nebraska Voter Data

Nebraska voter data has been updated on the Voter List™ site. Its database, along with the other 49 state’s, can provide you and your campaign with great insights on how to tackle each states unique voters in the most efficient way possible!

  • Registered Republicans: 48.93%
  • Registered Democrats: 30.79%
  • Registered Others: 20.28%

The upcoming election for Nebraska carries a lot of weight for the states 1.1 million voters as they will be voting on some big issues come November. Voters will decide on whether to repeal or maintain LB 268, which eliminated the state’s death penalty. Aristotle can help your campaign prepare with out Political Ideology which will profile and locate voters who are likely to vote for or against the referendum.

To learn more about our Political Ideology profile and all the other great services we can offer your campaign, contact your local Aristotle representative today!

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