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2014 General Vote History Added to North Dakota’s Voter File

North Dakota’s voter file has been upgraded with the addition of 2014 General Vote History. Gain access to this enhancement and many more like it via

African-American Vote to Spur Gentry to Victory in Nashville?

Nashville’s mayoral race just received a boost of excitement with the entry of Howard Gentry–a well known name in the area. As the only black candidate in a field of seven, Gentry hopes to attract strong support from historically black north Nashville.

New York File Updated with 2014 General Voter History

New York’s voter file now has 2014 General Vote History. Access this enhancement and many more like it via our data guru of a website,

Wyoming Voter File Enhanced with 2014 General Vote History

What’s new today on You guessed it. Updated voter files! Our Wyoming voter file has received a tune-up with 2014 General Vote History recently added and we wanted you to be the first to know.

Bill Finch Faces Fierce Challenge in 2015 Bridgeport Mayoral Race

According to our data, Democratic victory is all but assured in the 2015 Bridgeport, Connecticut mayoral race. That doesn’t mean the race won’t be interesting though!

Will Voters With Children Turn Cedar Rapids’ School Board Elections?

Several elections in Iowa are prepped to take center stage in this so called ‘off-year’. Therefore, we thought it a good idea to focus your attention on Cedar Rapids to show you the strength of Aristotle’s data game.

Aristotle’s South Carolina Voter File Updated with 2014 General Vote History

Recently, we updated our South Carolina voter file with 2014 General Vote History and we wanted to let you and your campaign know that you can view the file now online at

Independent Voters Key to Oklahoma City’s Council Races in 2015

Oklahoma City’s Independent voters are sure to be key factors in deciding the results of important city council elections in wards 2, 5 and 6 this March. With just over a month to go until election day, there isn’t a second to waste in order to position your campaign where it needs to be with voters.

Louisiana Voter File Enhanced with 2014 General Vote History

Our Louisiana voter file is no different than other lists. Updated regularly and to the highest standard. Recently, we updated it with 2014 General Vote History. The file is now available online at

Social Conservative Voters to Impact Nebraska’s 2015 Elections?

In 2015 , Lincoln, Nebraska voters will go to the polls to elect a new mayor and several city council members. With just 4 months until the May 5th election date, your campaign needs to ask one important question, “Do I know my voters?”

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