Will Voters With Children Turn Cedar Rapids’ School Board Elections?


Several elections in Iowa are prepped to take center stage in this so called ‘off-year’. Therefore, we thought it a good idea to focus your attention on Cedar Rapids to show you the strength of Aristotle’s data game.

  • 71,976 voters live within the consolidated school district of Cedar Rapids
  • 35.8% of these voters have a child(ren) present in their house
  • 47% of these voters are considered High Propensity

But what about the rest of the electorate? How will they view the election and what tips about them can your campaign glean through the data?

Our recently updated Iowa state voter file breaks down possible voters in all sorts of helpful ways. Allowing your campaign access to the most accurate data which means reaching your target audience is easier than ever.

Check out VoterListsOnline.com today for everything you need to plan your campaign strategy in 2015.

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