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Who Are Young Voters?

Young adults are taking action on key issues in communities and on campuses all across the country. From the 5,000-person Power Shift summit on climate change in Maryland in 2007 to the 2,000-person march for voting rights in Prairie View, Texas in 2008, young adults aren’t sitting on the sidelines of the most important fights – they’re leading them.

What the Internet Teaches Us About Designing Good Direct Mail

For years, my firm has been a leading direct mail company for Democratic organizations and candidates. We have worked for the AFL-CIO, all three of the national Democratic committees and hundreds of candidates for office. We think we know what we are doing and how to reach voters with a piece of mail. But this past year, we learned some lessons and we learned them in a surprising place.

Overcome your Fears & Become a Great Speaker

Think about how often you successfully communicate your ideas to loved ones, co-workers, or acquaintances. You make a simple point. You choose language that they understand and to which they can relate. You answer their objections satisfactorily.

Wisconsin Campaign Finance Reporting — Tools and Tricks

Filing campaign statements with the State Elections Board (SEB) or any government agency can be a nerve racking and mentally exhausting experience. Having to itemize nearly every transaction, complete complicated forms and follow obscure rules make reporting a challenging job.

Winning Young Voters: Part II

Young voters are a huge group: More than one-fifth of the electorate is between 18-29 years of age, a total of 44 million potential voters.
Young = New: In a close race, new, young voters can make the winning difference.

Winning Young Voters: Part I

The question of “how to talk to young voters” is not that different than how to talk to voters in general: talk to them about your plans to tackle the issues they care about, what you’ll do for them and their communities if elected, and ask for their votes.

Focus On, Hot Tips: Standardize Addresses

What does address standardization do? Address standardization does a few different things: it checks against the USPS to for validity, fills in the county and congressional district on a record, completes the +4 of the zip code, homogenizes the addresses to use the same capitalization, extends abbreviations, and adds the appropriate USPS recommended spacing.

Converting an Existing Excel File into CSV Format

How to convert an existing Excel file into a .csv format in five quick and simple steps.

Focus On: Letter Templates

Welcome to our Focus On series in which we will be speaking on letter templates and will show you a few overlooked features!

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