Candidates Must Take Business Approach To Run Successful Political Campaigns

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This article originally appeared in Winning Campaigns Magazine.

Former Senator Alan Simpson once said that most campaigns for office start with a couple of friends, sitting around a table drinking beers.  While this may be the way most campaigns start, they shouldn’t stay that way for long.  Too often, local candidates think that the best way to run a campaign is to get some friends involved and the campaign will fall into place on its own.  While some of these types of campaigns win, most lose.  In order to succeed, every campaign, even the most local, most take a business like approach to winning elections.

Plan First, Campaign Later
Most successful businesses start with a plan.  The same is true of most successful campaigns.   Before the first hand is shook of the first baby kissed, a local campaign must sit down and figure out the surest path to victory.  At the very least, the plan must include a budget (how much money will the campaign spend?) a fundraising plan (how will we raise that money?) a voter contact strategy (how are we going to reach the voters?) and a get-out-the-vote strategy (how will we get those voters to the polls?)

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