Event Management… Now Without The Stacks of Printouts

Originally posted on CompleteCampaigns.com and written by Brian Williams

“… and that’s why I need your support this November.  We can’t let this election slip by us without each and everyone of you doing what you can to help secure our victory.  You’ve taken the first step by coming out this Saturday afternoon to our luncheon… but please, take a moment and contribute whatever you can to make sure we can stay on the air with our ads during the final weeks…

And that that moment, your team of volunteers start to fan through the crowd smart-phones in hand, each easily configured with Aristotle’s mobile politics toolset, each ready to collect donations and recruit new volunteers from the crowd where they stand.

With Aristotle, we’ve made it easy for you to remain always connected to your data and bring the campaign wherever it needs to be.   Using the mobile-optimized web applications and credit card scanning app from Square, both fully supported by the iOS and Android web-browsers, your campaign team can act, fundraise, and recruit in real time… without the need for costly and time-intensive data-entry back at the campaign HQ.

Fundraising on the go.

As your candidate closes out his stump speech, Rebecca (one of your more enthusiastic volunteers) breezes through the crowd encouraging those in the crowd to donate whatever they can… $5, $10, $20.  Whatever the scenario, she’s ready to accept the donation on behalf of the candidate using the official Square mobile fundraising account for the campaign.  

With a small white credit card scanner attached to the edge of her phone, she is able to accept credit card donation after donation, all in full compliance with FEC regulations and requirements, all processed live using the Square payment gateway that only charges the campaign 2.75% of each credit card swipe-based donation.  Each contributor immediately gets added to the campaign’s list while a thank you note is generated and delivered with out any additional human intervention.

Real-time event registration and attendance tracking.

Jake, one of your newer volunteers, has also gotten his Android smart phone configured with the Aristotle mobile toolset as he mans the main entrance and exit for the luncheon.  Throughout the day, he’s been able to check-in and tally the attendees earmarked for your event’s VIP reception, occurring immediately after the speech for the main audience.  And with each attendee he doesn’t quite recognize from the campaign’s database Facebook, he can immediately take a new photo of the attendee with the candidate for future reference, using the photo on his phone then loading it directly to that individual’s record in your Aristotle database.  Also equipped with the mobile fundraising tools, Jake can verify an attendee’s entrance contribution, or accept a new credit card contribution, right then and there. And all the while, you can monitor the event’s progress (both in funds raised and attendance) in real time from within the campaign HQ, miles away.

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