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Voter File Update for New Hampshire, Where Politics are the ‘State Sport’

Some have called politics the ‘state sport’. Gallup calls it “one of the most politically schizophrenic states in the nation.

Early Voting Around the Corner For Charleston, WV Mayoral Candidates

In Charleston, West Virginia voters are preparing to go to the polls to elect a mayor, with early voting starting May 1, 2015. Charleston voters will have the pick of three candidates: a Democrat former councilman, the Republican incumbent and an Independent.

Take a Closer Look at Albuquerque’s 2015 City Council Races with is an unparalleled political technology tool that provides up-to-date voter files on all 50 states. Five hundred plus enhancements allow for targeted fundraising, creation of time-saving walk lists, expert GOTV strategy and much more.

Hotly Debated Right-to-Work Legislation Could Decide Kentucky’s Governor Race

It appears that this year’s gubernatorial race in Kentucky could hinge on one hot topic: right-to-work legislation. The GOP candidate, James Comer, states that passing a statewide right-to-work law would be his first priority if elected.

Analyze Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County Better with the Help of

Did you know that Milwaukee county makes up twenty percent of all Wisconsin voters? Or that thirty-one point nine percent of the county’s voters are Inferred Republican or Inferred Democrat?

Virginia Voter Update: 2014 General Vote History Added

Our latest voter file update is now online at Log on today to access 2014 General Vote History for Virginia. We provide unrivaled, accurate data, 24/7 customer support and competitive pricing structures to let your campaign build a strong foundation without having to worry about the essentials.

Connect with New Jersey’s Phone Oriented Voters in 2015 Using

On June 2, 2015, all of New Jersey’s assembly seats will be up for primary election. As the election draws closer, campaigns can lean on Aristotle’s recently updated New Jersey voter file for a final push.

How Much Will Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act Divide Voters?

Aristotle’s updated Indiana voter file comes with access to 500+ enhancements, 24/7 customer service and price bundling options on Now put them to good use to better understand Indiana’s electorate.

Orange County Election Provides Insight on Coupling GOTV and Data in California

On March 26, 2015, the LA Times published an article regarding the Orange County 1st Supervisory race held in January. It went on to say that the favorite, Louis Correa, had held a strong edge in his heavily latino Santa Ana stronghold, but still managed to lose the election to Andrew Do in a very close election.

Massachusetts 2014 Primary and General Vote History Added to

Aristotle regularly updates its voter files like our Massachusetts file which you can access 24/7. Explore the hundreds of enhancements available for all 50 states and start building a stronger, more accurate voter database in 2015 and 2016.

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