Hotly Debated Right-to-Work Legislation Could Decide Kentucky’s Governor Race

It appears that this year’s gubernatorial race in Kentucky could hinge on one hot topic: right-to-work legislation.

The GOP candidate, James Comer, states that passing a statewide right-to-work law would be his first priority if elected. While at the same time, the Democratic front runner, Jack Conway, strongly opposes such a law.

What does the Kentucky electorate think of right-to-work legislation? Are they for or against, or do they just not care?

Here are some insights into how voters might see this issue with our recently updated Kentucky voter file:

  • 43.6% of Kentucky voters are profiled as Social Conservatives
  • 3.8% of these voters are business owners
  • 39.3% of Kentucky voters are profiled as Social Liberals
  • 2.0% of voters profiled as Social Liberals are business owners

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