Aristotle High Propensity Voters

“Who Are You? Who Who… Who Who… ‘Cause I Really Want to Know.”

If you’re like me, this classic song by The Who just popped into your head and, thanks to a Pavlovian response, you suddenly want to binge-watch CSI reruns. Professionally, it’s an age-old question; one that PAC and Grassroots Managers constantly ask themselves. However, the answer they come up with may be based off a set […]

Arizona Voter Data Updated on

With over 3 million voters in Arizona, being able to target them properly is key to any campaign’s success in 2016.

Arizona voter data has been updated and is now available from today.

Delaware Voter File Updated on

Our recently updated Delaware voter file includes important data on High Propensity voters. This in-depth voter data could be key to any candidate running for the open governor’s seat or in any other campaign in the state.

Learn today how can help get you in front of Delaware’s 600,000+ voters.

Iowa Voter File Updated in Time for Caucuses, 2016 Races

Learn today how can better acquaint your campaign with Iowa’s voters, like: socially conservative Republicans, Tea Party supporters and evangelical Christians who are evenly split between men and women.

Hawaiian High Propensity Voters to Decide 2016 Elections?

With no major elections in 2015, Hawaiian voters can kick up their feet and enjoy the year. But for campaigns starting to put together plans for 2016, now is the time to get their ducks in a row.

Wyoming Update: Breaking Down High Propensity Voters for 2015

Our Wyoming voter file update is now available and online at! Here is a sample of some of the numbers that you need to know about Wyoming’s electorate for 2015:

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