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Key Races Coming to Louisiana in 2015, Get the Voter Files You Need Today

After 2014, you would think there might be some political respite in Louisiana. Lucky for you, 2015 will be just as exciting with races ranging from a gubernatorial tussle to several municipal battles. Declared candidates for the election include John Bel Edwards, Minority Leader of the Louisiana House of Representatives for the Democrats and Senator […]

Columbus Mayor Up for Grabs and More Races Coming to Ohio in 2015

Columbus’s longest serving mayor in history, Mayor Michael B. Coleman, has announced that he’s not running for re-election. This leaves the seat open, and the Democratic City Council Chairman has been making moves to run. On May 5th, 2015, the Ohio primary elections are due, so that is your cue to get the lowdown on […]

Need Maine Voters? Concentrate on These Three Counties

In Maine, 40.9% of voters reside in three counties: Cumberland, Lewiston and Bangor of which 10.9% of them have an interest in fishing. What doest that mean? Well, the Gulf of Maine Cod population is at an all time low and federal regulators will be meeting to consider new regulations next week. With such causes […]

Prepping for Florida Special Primary Elections in 2015 Starts Now

While midterms are in the rearview mirror for most, this is not a time to relax for Floridians. Come January 27th and April 7th of next year, Florida will be holding special primary elections for 3 state legislature seats. Because we know that you always need the freshest, most accurate data available to plan your […]

Did a Flawed Computer Model Sabotage the Democrats?

“Don’t blame turnout. How a late change in strategy may have sent Democratic volunteers after the exact wrong type of voter.” The Daily Beast reporter, Ben Jacobs, looks into how a change of strategy in the final months of the recent Midterm elections caused Democrats to come out on the losing side in several key states. […]

How to Reach Wyoming Voters Post-Midterm Elections

Every seasoned politico knows that when one campaign ends, the next isn’t far away. That is why Aristotle works around the clock to make sure that all our state voter files are up-to-date with the most current statistical data you need. We recently updated our Wyoming voter file on just for you. Make a plan of action for […]

Washington State Senate Up for Grabs

In a state where voters do not register with a party officially, it becomes imperative for any campaign in Washington to understand which direction voters are leaning. Our recently updated Washington voter file on has all the important statistics and demographic data you need to find inferred democrat, republican and independent voters. Take a deeper look today […]

New York Hispanic Voters Courted in Hopes They Might Influence Key Midterm Races

We recently updated our New York voter file on We think you are going to like what is inside. New York’s hispanic voters are being targeted by Governor Cuomo this election cycle in the form of trips to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to discuss increased trade between NY and these locals. And with hispanic […]

The GOP Is Not Afraid of Technology

“In an off-year election, there’s no doubt that a candidate in Montana is going to know better what he or she should be using in the way of software and digital and messaging,” John Phillips, CEO of Aristotle, a nonpartisan campaign technology firm, told Mashable. The power of a centralized database, Phillips said, is lessened. Read […]

Vermont’s Millennials to Decide Important Elections?

What is a millennial? They are the 21% of the voting population in the U.S. and are born since 1980. In Vermont, millennials make up 20.2% of the registered voters and of that group 22% are considered High Propensity Voters. So what does that mean for Vermont? According to some experts, millennials could hold the […]

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