Maximizing Your Resources

By: Charles Low National Data Sales Executive Practical Guidance to Spending More Efficiently  Resources are always limited, whether you are running a $100 million dollar state, national campaign or a campaign for city council. The general rule is you don’t spend money where you don’t have to spend money. In political campaigns, you generally don’t […]

Oklahoma Voters Concerned with Military Related Questions

What issues are your state’s voters grappling with? In Oklahoma, military related questions occupy the thoughts and concerns this election cycle. Our updated Oklahoma voter file which is now available online at can help you and your team of campaigners make the most of the run up to election day with important stats concerning military leaning: 12.5% of […]

Campaign 101: Learning From Major Campaigns, Offers Insights Into Running Local Elections

In the same way that high school football players can learn a lot about the game by watching the pros play in the Super Bowl, local political activists should be able to learn a lot about campaigns by watching the players in the presidential race.

What is Democracy?

Aristotle: Empowering democracy one campaign at a time As campaigns and the American public prepare for another election season, it’s necessary to remind ourselves that every campaign, every vote and every point of view deserves the same opportunity to voice their political perspective. The gift of democracy should not be taken for granted nor should […]

Best Practices for your Database System

While some politicos still cling doggedly to their well-loved clipboards and broken pencils, those items deserve a more appropriate interment in the Museum of Campaigns Past. Today, you simply must use a database system. It is the lifeblood of your campaign, the one place (ideally) where you will plan events, track fundraising, catalog volunteers, and manage your budget.

Campaign 2.0: Upgrading your Campaign

Web 2.0 is a term that gets thrown around a lot. It refers to many different aspects of new technology, although it isn’t always clear which pieces of technology are and aren’t Web 2.0. In fact, if you have a conversation with different technology advocates, you’ll probably get competing definitions and applications.

Budgeting Your Campaign The Right Way: Building A Business To Go Out Of Business

The budget is the least glamorous, yet most important part of any campaign. We hear constantly about who’s raised how much but we rarely hear about fundraising’s mirror image – who’s spent how much on what?

Blueprint For An Insurgent Campaign

Incumbents always have held an advantage in elections, but that advantage has now become practically insurmountable. Over 90 percent of incumbent Congressional candidates are re-elected every two years. Percentages among incumbents farther down on the ballot sometimes are even higher, as often nobody even bothers to run against incumbent State Senators, State Representatives, and City Councilmen.

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