What is the benefit of requesting to opt out?

CCPA-related requests provide you the benefit of having more control of the collection and use of your personal information. However, by opting out of the sale of your personal information, you may be limiting your involvement in political speech, debate and communications.

Can I opt out of Aristotle selling specific information?

There is no option to opt out of Aristotle selling specific pieces of information. If you choose to opt out, this will include all non-publicly available information found on your data privacy disclosure that is covered by the CCPA.

How often can I make a data privacy disclosure request?

You can make up to two data privacy disclosure requests in a 12-month period.

Will the data privacy disclosure include sensitive information like my Social Security number?

No. The disclosure will not contain sensitive information as defined by Aristotle. This includes at a minimum any Social Security numbers.

If I see something that’s incorrect on my data privacy disclosure, can I dispute it?

We don’t support disputes of data privacy disclosure information. If the inaccurate information you see on your data privacy disclosure is from on your Voter, driver or other file as supplied by the state or municipality, you should approach the issuing agency to correct that information.

How can I stop Aristotle from selling my personal information?

If you live in California and want to opt out of having Aristotle sell the information that’s found in your data privacy disclosure, you can complete an opt-out request online. Aristotle will process this request in keeping with the CCPA regulations. Please note that the CCPA regulations may specifically exempt some or all parts of […]

Will the data privacy disclosure include all the information Aristotle has received from me and other sources?

No. Only information covered by the CCPA will be disclosed as part of the request. The CCPA does not cover publicly available and other information because is protected by other privacy laws, which Aristotle abides by, or it is exempted in the CCPA or other legislation.

What is in the data privacy disclosure I can request?

A data privacy disclosure includes the specific pieces of personal information Aristotle has received from you and other sources which are neither part of the public record or publicly available information.

Will I receive notifications about my data privacy request?

We’ll notify you to confirm your request was submitted. Results will be mailed to you at the address you supply so long as that address is verified from your request. If we cannot verify your request you will be notified either by mail or email that the request does not match our information on file. […]

How will I receive my CCPA data privacy results?

You can receive your results by mail at this time. Results won’t be emailed.

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