Machine Learning and Predictive Data Modeling Transforms Future of Political Targeting

Political Data Powerhouse Aristotle Partners with Artificial Intelligence Provider, Assigning Voters Likely Party Affiliation, Voter Turnout, Propensity to Donate Scores for More Effective, Efficient Targeting

Washington, DC (July 20, 2017) — Aristotle, the leading political intelligence provider in the U.S., and, provider of machine learning, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, announced today a partnership to offer to political campaigns what is anticipated to be the most granular analysis of potential voters. This collaboration offers predictive models that can indicate a person’s political party affiliation, their likelihood to vote, and their propensity to give to a political campaign or association., just recently named a “Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Service Provider,” provides data and analytic services for marketers with the goal of predicting and understanding consumer behavior. The predictive algorithms that produce have helped marketers identify new customers and better personalize their offerings. The partnership will now offer those same predictive capabilities to campaigns, political organizations and nonprofits to improve their targeting, paying particular to attention to identifying ‘persuadables.’ Founder and Data Scientist Joel Wilson said, “We are very excited by our partnership with Aristotle. The assets that Aristotle brings to the table, with such a wealth of data and years of political insight, is a great fit for our machine learning and predictive capabilities. We feel that this partnership will offer campaigns and nonprofits a level of sophistication that was once reserved only for big budget corporations.

“The power that machine learning can offer political campaigns is really extraordinary and can take the guess work out of such tasks as identifying likely voters. For both political campaigns and nonprofits, where money is tight and a winning campaign can be decided by the narrowest of margins, artificial intelligence can provide a winning edge,” said Wilson.

Aristotle is the premier data provider in politics. This partnership will benefit Aristotle customers who need to identify swing voters, predict voter turnout and to raise the most money possible.

Aristotle’s voter database, containing more than 750 demographic elements and updated continuously, is widely used for political and advocacy messaging.

Aristotle CEO John Aristotle Phillips said, “It’s an exciting collaboration and we are eager to start working with to offer campaigns a more analytical approach to their strategy. Being able to offer our clients a more granular look at their data will give them the power to know whom to target and how to target them so no opportunity is ever lost. Every campaign can now segment and target all of their voters and donors more personally and intelligently.

“Our mission at Aristotle has always been to provide the most innovative and powerful tools to those seeking to influence decisions at the ballot box,” said Phillips. “And we have a series of partnerships and new technology releases scheduled in 2017 and 2018 in addition to updated models based on the 2016 elections. It’s a very big year for Aristotle and, most importantly, for our clients.”


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