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Generation X: Are we really a bunch of slackers?

At the recent National PAC Conference, I gave a presentation on ways to get younger people involved in public affairs generally and in PACs specifically.

As always, I wound up learning just as much from people in the audience as I hope they did from me.

Three Lessons from a $58,000 Fraud

Learning from the tragic North Carolina embezzlement case I have posted about embezzlement before, and I’m writing again because campaigns and PACs keep losing money to this largely preventable crime.

Finding Answers to Regulatory Advocacy

For many, the state of grassroots advocacy at the regulatory level is unknown. Let’s explore why and a few ways forward. 

Elevate Your Campaign by Combining Voter Data and Digital Mediums

Technology is fundamentally changing how people become informed about the world around them. According to a Pew report, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. This handheld device, in addition to tablets and laptops, enables Americans to be connected to the rest of the world 24/7, 365 days a year.

Tennessee Voter File Update Now on

Aristotle’s comprehensive data solutions allow candidates to accurately identify likely voters in Tennessee.

Now on is an updated voter file that allows campaigns to access precise voter data and improved voter targeting tools.

Updated Voter File Available South Carolina Primaries

With the South Carolina primaries just days away, would like to announce that it has updated its’ voter file which is perfect for GOTV efforts on Saturday, Tuesday and beyond in 2016.

Every voter list is chalk full of precise voter data and innovative voter targeting tools that help any size campaign reach the 2.5 million of South Carolina.

Louisiana Voter File Update Now On

Now available on an updated Louisiana voter file chalk full of precise voter data and improved voter targeting tools.

Our updated file can help any size campaign reach the 2.7 million voters within the state making targeting the right voters easier.

New York Voter File Enhanced and Available Online

Our New York voter file has been recently updated on Aristotle’s

Learn how to best reach voters in New York state with voter files that provide any campaign with political geography ranging from congressional district to down-ballot races. Reaching 10 million plus voters has never been easier! Oklahoma Voter File Update Online

Our recently updated Oklahoma voter file is now available online and can help your campaign target the voters you need to win in 2016.

Fortunately, Aristotle’s has the data you need to enjoy a successful 2016. Our recently updated Oklahoma voter file is now available online.

Arizona Voter Data Updated on

With over 3 million voters in Arizona, being able to target them properly is key to any campaign’s success in 2016.

Arizona voter data has been updated and is now available from today.

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