Updated Voter File Available South Carolina Primaries

South Carolina Primaries

With the South Carolina primaries just days away, VoterListsOnline.com is happy to announce that it has updated its’ voter file which is a perfect fit for GOTV efforts on Saturday, next Tuesday and beyond in 2016.

Every voter list is chalk full of precise voter data and innovative voter targeting tools that help any size campaign reach the 2.5 million of South Carolina.

Targeting inferred voters by party will be key to success. Find them now:

  • 39.97% Inferred Republicans
  • 20.88% Inferred Democrats

Take the ‘voters by inferred party’ data point a step further with our political geography resources that allow your campaign to search the percentage of inferred Democrats that are presidential primary voters against ethnicity in each district.

Don’t waste anymore time, contact your Aristotle representative today and reach YOUR VOTERS now!

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