It’s Your Voter Data, Own It


The 2012 election solidified the need for collecting extensive and detailed amounts of voter data. Unfortunately, a question that is oftentimes not asked is who ultimately owns the data.

For instance, you wouldn’t share yard signs with your opponent during a primary, right? So why share your data? Aristotle believes your data is yours, period.

Before you purchase your data, here are a few questions to consider:

  1. Do I have the most up-to-date file available; am I missing recently registered voters?
  2. Does the software allow me to target voter profiles, household mixed parties or inferred parties in states that don’t register by primary?
  3. What percent of the file has the data element (i.e. demographics, consumer appends, etc.) for which I’m looking?

Aristotle’s 30+ year experience as the leading provider of political technology enables any campaign to use the most up-to-date voter files and innovative software to ensure your message is heard by the electorate. Aristotle’s Campaign Manager is your seamless solution that is:

  • Trackable: Keep tabs on your campaign’s pledge history with custom analytics
  • Customizable: Create walk lists with fields, such as interests, giving potential, party affiliation, job sector or any other criteria you need
  • Cost-effective: Don’t leave money on the table, know how much to ask based on donation history
  • Dynamic: Maximize efficiency with follow-up notifications and mass email capabilities

Before you waste valuable resources on inaccurate data, see how Aristotle’s extensive data can take your campaign to the next level.

Kevin Rheinheimer
Account Manager

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