Mississippi Governor’s Race Shapes Up with Entry of Popular Democrat


The DeSoto Times Tribune headline on February 24, 2015, was “Looks like Mississippi will have a 2015 governor’s race after a fashion.”

The entry of successful Madison attorney, Vicki Slater, into the race guarantees incumbent Republican Gov. Phil Bryant an opponent.

But can a Democrat win a statewide election? The answer is simple. Yes, but Mississippi’s recent political history suggests that Ms. Slater faces a long, hard road in 2015 against Bryant.

Key stats in the run up to August 4’s statewide primary election:

  • Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor, Treasurer, Agriculture Commissioner, Jackson County School Board – are just some of the seats to be contested
  • 31.26% of voters are considered Inferred Republicans
  • 33.77% of voters are considered Inferred Democrats

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