Maximize 2015 Outreach with Voter Profiles

Voter Targeting: Save Time. Let the Data Do The Work.

Don’t underestimate the value of accurate data in 2015. With Republicans controlling both houses and President Obama entering the home stretch, this ‘off-year’ promises to be a titanic year in political advocacy.

Fortunately, Aristotle’s comprehensive and up-to-date voter lists offer the most laser-focused voter targeting on the market. Choose voters by issue:


We also have profiles for: Second Amendment vs. Gun Control Supporters; Likely Tea Party Supporters; Pro-Choice/Life; Animal Rights Activists; Education Supporters; Likely Hillary Supporters; Likely Obama Supporters; Veterans, Active Military and Military Supporters; LGBT Supporters; Healthcare Professionals; and more.

There’s too much riding on 2016 for you to waste time worrying about the quality of your data. Let us handle that. It’s what we do.

– National Data Team

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