Respond Quickly and Raise More Money

Originally posted on and written by Alex Gorman

The technology to stay one step ahead

Let’s say your opponent is bringing a big shot in from out of town. It’s a last minute event, a rally designed to drum up support and raise money. He’s a big figure with your opponent’s base, but he’s also a polarizing figure in your district.

If your campaign has the right tools in place, you can use this.

You don’t have much time, the event in a couple days. You need to rally your own supporters and get them motivated to protest the event. Email is a great way to get the word out fast, but it’s also a multi-purpose tool.

Send an email inviting everyone to the event, getting them motivated by their dislike of the speaker. Send a link to sign up to protest the event and build a big presence supporting your candidate.

But is also an opportunity to raise money. Not everyone will want to come out and stand around waving a sign. But many of them will be willing to give to your campaign, and forward that link to their friends. Create a fundraising page specifically designed around this event, around protesting this particular speaker. Explain why you need the funds and why this is a worthy cause on the donation page itself. This allows your supporters to send the link on with little explanation other than, Read this page and give.

If you’ve got the ability to create web pages on the fly and send emails to lists of supporters whenever you need them, you can capitalize on every opportunity during the course of the campaign. Proper use of technology means staying a step ahead of your opponent.

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