General Vote History from 2014 Midterms Added to Nebraska Voter File

At Aristotle, we make ‘big data’ accessible which in turn allows you to understand and use voter demographics and micro-targeting like you never dreamed was possible. And the best part is that we are constantly updating our files like our Nebraska voter file which was recently updated 2014 General Vote History.

Municipal and School Board Elections in 2015 for South Dakota

South Dakota election season is ramping up, and with municipal and school board elections coming up in 2015, you need to know your audience. Fear not, Aristotle has your South Dakota voter data needs filled, giving you the information you want on the 479,000 plus voters.

Planning for the 114th Congress

How to get your grassroots advocacy program off to a great start With the start of the new Congress, most government relations offices are assessing their needs for what the New Year and a new Congress will bring them. No matter the size of the office, this is the time of year where many have dusted off last year’s goals and strategic plan, to be evaluated on the opportunities a new Congress has to offer.

Unaffiliated Voters to Key Salt Lake City Mayoral Race in 2015

With such a large part of the SLC population being unaffiliated with a major party, the need for campaigns to have the most accurate data available is high. Aristotle’s is available 24/7 to help you access up-to-date voter data and we recently updated our Utah file. Learn more today and see how we can help you to success in 2015.

Maryland Voter Break Down Improved with Update on

Aristotle’s Maryland voter file has everything you need to know about voters post-midterm elections. With a spotlight on the city of Bowie in Prince Georges County – a stones throw from Washington, DC.

General Vote History Added to South Dakota Voter File

Our South Dakota voter file was recently updated with new data: 2014 General Vote History. The South Dakota file is available online at and ready to help you start 2015 the right way.

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