Respond Quickly and Raise More Money

Let’s say your opponent is bringing a big shot in from out of town. It’s a last minute event, a rally designed to drum up support and raise money. He’s a big figure with your opponent’s base, but he’s also a polarizing figure in your district.
If your campaign has the right tools in place, you can use this.

Reputation Management

Success does not happen overnight but failure often does. Critical moments for business and other organizations will never go away, thus the effort to control negative situations continues to become more sophisticated. “Reputation management” is the newest buzz phrase in the public relations field and for those of us long involved in crisis management, this new phrase seems likely to stick.

Real-time Bundler Tracking

Candidate Johnson, of the insurgent Johnson for Congress 2012, is amongst friends. The high-dollar donor dinner just ended and he’s now making the rounds to all those in attendance.

So you want to Run for Office?

Is there a local issue that has you hopping mad? Think you can do a better job than the people who represent you? Dont just sit there – help fix the problem by running for office.

Should You Hire a Vendor for Your Voter File?

As a voter file vendor, this is not a new question for us. In fact, we have found our greatest competition is from clients who decide to “bring the voter file in-house”.

Running A Campaign FAQ

You’ve already done the heavy lifting of deciding to manage a campaign. Good for you! Now comes the hard part – hiring. This is not meant to serve as a “Campaign How-To”, this is more of an “Campaign FAQ”. We figure you’ve come this far and found us, you must know enough, but maybe need some guidance.

Rules of Planning Your Campaign Budget

Planning a campaign budget takes cold calculation in order to avoiding winding up short of money during the closing and most critical days of the campaign. As you begin to prepare a budget you should remember these simple rules.

The Personal Power of the Pen

A personally signed letter or note can push the undecided voter into your corner, reinforce the commitment of a voter pledged to you, or cast a shadow of a doubt in the mind of someone committed to your opponent. Studies show a personally signed letter will be read more frequently, kept longer and generate more activity than letters with digital, scanned or printed signatures.

The Most Important Component of The Modern Political Campaign Strategy

Many will say, having an ”elect able” candidate. Many will answer successful fundraising. Many will answer GOTV or get out the vote. The reasons for these choices may be obvious.

The Making of a Candidate

So you want to run for an elected office? Answering the following questions can help you confirm that running is the right decision for you.

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